Best Projector Under 400

If you are looking for a projector with all the latest features and don’t want to spend more than 400 bucks then you have come to the right place. Not everyone has the knowledge to find out which projector is best for them and sometimes they waste the money on the wrong product.

This article is for those people who are looking for the best projectors under 400 bucks. A projector under 400 has all the flagship features and it is perfect for a budget home theatre with an ultimate cinema experience.

We have researched and tested many projectors before finalizing the list of best projectors in this range. All these are one among the best projector under 400 in terms of performance, features, quality, brightness and resolution.

ViewSonic PA503W


Advance Visual Features | Bright Image (3600 Lumens) | Vertical Keystone Correction | Premium Design

ViewSonic PA503W comes in a very clean and sleek design with ViewSonic branding at the front. This projector also has many air vents for dissipation of heat. ViewSonic PA503W comes in white color with multimedia controls present at the top back. The top also has another ViewSonic branding to make the projector more attractive. The Overall design and build quality of the ViewSonic PA503W is very premium. ViewSonic PA503W also offers you an adjustment clamp below the projector.

As far as the projection size and projection distance is concerned, ViewSonic PA503W is capable of projecting out a magnificent image of 120 inches from a distance of 15 feet. 120 inches of screen is more than enough to fulfil your needs as this size can do the job for small business and school meetings.

Brightness on the ViewSonic PA503W is also quite amazing. This outstanding projector has 3600 Lumens of brightness that projects clear and well bright images for the best quality presentations. It brightens the texts and graphics in presentations for better viewing experience.

With full 1080P support, ViewSonic PA503W has the ability to give out crystal clear images with high color depth and color reproduction. It comes with a 16:10 aspect ratio for good image width.

If you want to save the power and conserve the lamp life, the ViewSonic PA503W has different power saving modes which include Eco mode and Super eco mode. When turned ON, these modes conserve the lamp life and make your lamp last longer so that you won’t need to replace the lamp early.

Gaming has also been under consideration in this projector. This powerful projector comes with a reduced input lag so that you can play games. With the 16ms low input lag you experience no lags, delays or stutters while gaming on this projector. This amazing feature enhances your gaming experience on this projector.

Another important feature of ViewSonic PA503W is that this projector is fully 3D ready. It has BluRay ready 3D HDMI input so that it can project 3D images from any 3D source without any issues. But make sure to put ON your 3D glasses otherwise you will not be able to enjoy 3D images.

Image alignment features are also not compromised on the ViewSonic PA503W as it has +/- 40° Vertical keystone correction so that if your image is tilted, distorted or pixelated you can easily adjust your image and make it perfect.

This projector is the most ideal projector for small business presentations and for school use especially to give presentations to a class. So, if you want a budget projector for school or business use, just go for the ViewSonic PA503W without hesitating.

Toumei K1


Highly Portable | Low Weight | Long lamp Life | Built-in Android

Toumei K1 is a rectangular shaped portable projector that has a jet black color with a lot of surprising features. It has a very compact and handy design. Its looks are very clean and the multimedia control buttons are present at the top and they are positioned in a circular design. On the back, there are connectivity ports and air vents for speaker sound and heat dissipation. A Lining is present all around the projector that makes the projector even more beautiful.

This amazing projector comes with dual wifi bands for the best wifi connectivity without any lag or latency. You will not feel any stutters while projecting using wifi. These dual wifi bands include a 2.4G band and a 5.8G band that ensure you a smooth and faster connection. It supports all the devices that have screen mirroring option. The bluetooth 4.2 support in this projector helps in connecting various devices such as bluetooth speaker, gaming controllers and wireless bluetooth mouse.

K1 Projector has a high quality bulb and light engine that projects a relatively brighter image with over 3600 Lumens and almost 350 ANSI lumens. As it has high brightness, so you don’t need to worry about high light environments. This projector can be used either outdoors or indoors without any difficulties

Talking about the resolution, Toumei K1 has a native resolution of 960p which can do quite well but if you want to go higher, K1 can go upto 1080p resolution. Toumei k1 is fully HD 1080p supported and it can project crystal clear images without any noise in the picture quality. The picture will be clear, vivid and bright.

A highlighting feature of Toumei K1 is that it has a built in android 7.1 system. This android operating system has 32GB eMMc storage to download your favourite movies, shows and apps easily. A 2GB DDR3 ram is also included for fast and smooth running of the projector. Thus, the Android operating system is a very good feature included in this projector.

To make the projector quiet and smooth, Toumei has installed extremely quiet turbo fans which keep the project so quiet that it produces no more than 25dB of sound. These fans also control the projector’s temperature and keeping it under 30 degrees celsius. When the projector’s temperature rises above the limit, the cooling system automatically comes into action to cool down the projector.

Screen size is also not compromised on this high tech projector as it has the ability to project a large screen of 300 inches without pixelating the image too much. The quality remains the same even at the enormous screen size of 300 inches. The ideal projection distance for this machine is 3 feet to 20 feet.

For the image alignment, Toumri K1 has a vertical keystone correction of +/- 45 degrees. It is a 4 corner keystone correction to get the perfectly aligned image out of the projector on the screen. Having a well sized image can enhance your viewing experience.

Color calibration is maintained very well with good color depths and color reproduction as the Toumei K1 portable home projector comes with a contrast ratio of 2000:1. This is the standard cinema contrast ratio and does the job well. It gives all the details in the image and brightens the white parts of the image.

Toumei K1 offers you 12 months warranty with this projector and 24 hours online tech support. If you are facing any issues just contact them and they will assist you in fixing the issue. The features of this projector is just amazing, so why spend more money when you can get this kind of projector under 400.

Yaber Y30


Futuristic Design | 4K Supported | Vertical Keystone Correction | Premium Design

The Yaber Y30 comes with a silver color design and is covered in vents for ventilation. It has an excellent lens that provides the best quality image without sacrificing any of its beauty. The rounded corners make it even more appealing to look at as well, making this one great projector! There are speaker grills on the front which allows you to hear clearly too.

On this projector, you get 8000 lumens of brightness which projects a comparatively brighter image. This is perfect for both indoors and outdoors; so don’t be afraid to use it outside or when the indoor lights are ON! The 8K Lumen Brightness will make your images look great no matter where they’re used because there’s more than enough light intensity in these bulbs.

The Yaber offers 1080P resolution, but it can go as high up as 4K. That means you’ll never miss an opportunity to watch your favorite shows in the highest quality possible without any loss of video or audio fidelity and that’s because its 4k support allows for a crystal clear display with no distortion on images from a variety of sources.

The contrast ratio on the Yaber Y30 projector is 10,000:1 which makes it possible to get high quality images with all the details. This dynamic contrast ratio will help you see an impressive range of colors and deep blacks in your image without any defects.

The Y30 Home Projector is a top of the line device that comes complete with an in-built 3W SRS sound system. This speaker sounds great and doesn’t need to be connected to any other external speakers as it can provide you all your audio needs on the go!

This projector has a great set of features that allow for an enhanced viewing experience. One such feature is 4D innovative zoom technology which works to eliminate any blurriness or distortion in the images and also ensures they are aligned properly with no tilting.

The projector is more than just a toy for movies. You get an innovative cooling system, 3 silent fans running together to keep it cool and last even longer with 100,000 hours of lamp life! The SmartEco mode decreases energy consumption so you can use the Y30 without breaking your wallet on electric bills too much.

There are a large number of ways to connect your device with the Yaber Y30: 2x USB ports, 2x HDMI ports, 1x VGA port and 1 x AV. You can use this projector with gaming consoles or laptops; watch videos from mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones – it’s all up to you!

The projector has a range of screen sizes starting from 45 to 200 inches, which is an ideal size for every possible requirement. The projection distance can be adjusted between 1.5m and 5 metres with the perfect image being projected at 3.5 meters away from the wall you are projecting onto.

Yaber offers you a 3-year professional repair warranty and technical support with their projector. You also get a 6 months money back guarantee for your projector if anything happens to it or if you’re unhappy with the product after purchasing, so don’t hesitate to return or replace your projector.

Yaber is committed to providing customers an excellent level of service as well as high quality products by offering the cheapest 4k projector in this budget that will ensure they are satisfied beyond expectations when using our products.

Overall, This projector has a lot of great features at an affordable price. It supports 4K resolution and is perfect for people who want to enjoy their movies with the best quality possible on home cinema screens.

Fangor F701


Carrying Bag Included | 300″ Large Image | Wifi Connectivity | 4K Supported

Fangor F701 is one of those premium projectors that feature an amazing design as well as all the flagship features. The upper side of the projector has a leather texture with grey color while on the front grilly texture is present to make the projector more attractive. Fangor F701 features a sleek design and multimedia control buttons are present on the top as usual. On the back of the projector, some speaker grills are present along with the ports.

For highly detailed images, Fangor F701 has a contrast ratio of 10,000:1 which is quite amazing. This contrast ratio makes your images look more detailed making the white parts of the projected image to appear brighter and black parts look more detailed. So, this contrast ratio is enough to make your image comparatively brighter and detailed.

As most of the people don’t like tilted images or an image which is not perfectly aligned with the screen angle, Fangor has included ±45° digital keystone correction so that you can correct your image direction in just one click. You don’t have to manually correct the keystone, all you need to do is press some buttons and you will have a perfectly aligned image.

Resolution on Fangor F701 is natively set to 1080P that is great but the greatest thing is that you get a full 4K UHD resolution support on Fangor F701 so that you can enjoy your favourite shows at UHD resolution without losing the image quality. 4K resolution in projectors under 400$ is not common so it is a highlighting feature of this projector. With Fangor F701, you get 80% sharper images than any other projector under 400.

Fangor F701 has a fully sealed design to avoid any kind of dust coming onto the lens and projector’s body. This sealed design also makes sure that you get less image noise and also reduces the black spots found in other projectors.

This amazing projector features a Lens that can project a maximum image of 300 inches and that is more than enough size. This size can easily replace your regular TV and this projector size allows you to watch your favourite shows, movies and sports with the best experience.

With the powerful light machine that produces a bright 8500 lumens image you can enhance your viewing experience whether you are using the projector inside your house or outside the house. For the immersive audio experience, Fangor F701 features 2x 5W stereo speakers for the ultimate audio quality.

This projector also features 50% digital zoom so that if you want to see something from really close, you can easily zoom it upto 50% for easy visibility. For the connectivity Fangor F701 comes with HDMI port, USB port, AV port, SD card slot and audio ports. Furthermore, this projector also has wifi connectivity for quick, reliable and smooth remote connections.

With the multiple connectivity options available on Fangor F701, you can connect laptops, PCs, PS4, xbox, Smartphones, Tablets, multi media players, USB etc to your projector. But we recommend using wifi for connecting devices as it saves you from the wires and other efforts.

Talking about the warranty, Fangor F701 can be easily refunded within one month of the purchase date. For quick help and assistance, you get 3 years professional tech support.

Yaber V6


4D Keyston | Bright Image | Vertical Keystone Correction | Long Lamp Life

Yaber V6 comes with a unique white coloured design which is very attractive. The projector has a matte surface on the top of it just like the Fangor F701. Yaber V6 has wide grills for heat dissipation from the projector. On the bottom, there is an adjustment clamp while the front side has Yaber branding. Rear side has all the ports and some air vents.

You don’t need to worry about the brightness as Yaber V6 has a powerful bulb. With just under 300 bucks the bulb of this projector can project an image of 8500 Lumens bright. Such high brightness is enough for all you need. It can work well in all environments but we recommend a dim environment.

For brilliant image details, Yaber V6 has a native 10,000:1 contrast ratio which is higher than standard cinema contrast ratio. The contrast ratio of a cinema projector is 2000:1 so Yaber V6 can give you more details than a standard cinema projector.

Yaber claims that the V6 is the smallest projector in the market that comes with a natively 1080P along with a much lower price tag. Although, this projector can go upto 4K resolution, it performs very great even at the native 1080P resolution. You get crystal clear quality with the native 1920x1080p as well as 4K resolution. No, blurry pixels or noise was found while testing this projector. Image quality on Yaber V6 is really awesome.

Talking about the projection size, Yaber V6 can project a highly clear image of 300 inches. You can easily adjust the image size and make it as small as 45 inches. Yaber V6 also has a zoom function which can be controlled with the remote. Yaber also considered image alignment and included a 4-Point keystone correction. 4P keystone correction means an enhanced variant of 4D keystone correction. With the help of 4P keystone correction, all the 4 corners can be adjusted separately for better alignment.

Yaber V6 has a LCD display technology and it is the first projector that can project PDF and Microsoft Office files directly from a USB device. V6 projector has the wifi support for both IOS and Android devices for quick and easy connectivity.

A high quality lamp with a total lamp life of 100,000 hours has been installed in Yaber V6. This projector has different power saving modes to increase the lamp life. SmartEco mode decreases the electricity usage and conserves energy.

For a better audio quality, Yaber V6 has 2x built in 6W speakers with SRS sound. Yaber offers you a 6 month money back guarantee which is a good thing as other brands don’t do so. Also, a 3 year repair warranty is given for easy and reliable repairs.

Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable


Ultra Portable | 5200mAh Battery | Premium Build Quality | 1080P Supported


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The VAMVO ultra mini projector is a very portable, yet attractive device. On the front of this gadget are two key features: the lens and its shiny cover which contrasts beautifully with either silver or dark grey color scheme. There are also multimedia control buttons on top for easy access to Projector’s settings and control panel. On the side of this device, you get all the ports for connecting your devices to the projector.

This projector is a technology marvel for its size. At only 5.7×3.2 inches, it’s one of the smallest projectors on the market! It is an ultra-light weight projector, weighing just 0.62lbs that makes portability easy and convenient so you can take your projector with you anywhere!

When you want to watch a full length movie and don’t have access to the television. Within 200 bucks this mini portable projector comes with an inbuilt battery that lasts up to two hours at maximum brightness – more than enough for any film!

The Vamvo mini projector has innovative new features, like the multi-screen technology. This allows you to project up to 3 screens onto one 130 inch screen quickly and easily! It is a highlighting feature of this projector as other brands don’t have this feature.

This pocket projector’s size is perfect for on-the-go entertainment. It has a true 1080P resolution and can be used to project high quality images with crystal clear colors and details, outperforming any of the bigger projectors in terms of performance. VAMVO has the DLP projection technology which ensures a perfect image. The Vamvo projector has 1800 Lumens and calibrates colors just like cinema grade projectors, with its brightness you can get clear images without any blurriness at all!

This projector is equipped with an awesome stereo system that not only provides excellent quality, well-balanced and clear sound but also saves you money because it comes as a package. Don’t waste your time shopping around for external speakers! Imagine the convenience of watching your favorite show without having to deal with annoying cords.

With its wireless connectivity, you can enjoy a hassle free viewing experience by pairing it directly with an IOS or android device!If you have an android device, you will need to download the EZCast app in order to connect it through Wi-Fi. If your phone is iOS then you can directly connect you smart phone with the projector in just a few clicks.It’s the perfect gift for those who love to travel.

This portable projector from Vavmo can project images ranging in size between 20 inches and 130 inches, with an ideal projection distance of 1.6 feet to 10 feet! The 16:10 aspect ratio on this projector is perfect for your viewing. It also provides an interactive experience and I find the image size to be just right, not too big or small for a seamless view.

Artlii Energon 2


Futuristic Design | Carrying Case Included | Wifi Connectivity | 300″ Large Image

Artlii Energon 2 is a projector with the most futuristic design and a dark grey color. It has a touch button strip at the top to control the projector. The touch sensitive buttons give you a very good feeling when you use them. On top there is also an Artlii Branding for better looks.

On the right side of the projector, there is a grill design on the whole side which gives the projector an amazing look. You get wide connectivity ports on the back for quick and reliable connectivity. The overall quality of the projector is very good and it gives a premium look.

Artlii Energon 2 is a piece of art that comes with a LCD display technology. This LCD display is paired up with a 8500 Lumens bulb that produces highly bright images, making the projector ideal for outdoors as well as the indoor environments.

Imagine watching movies at a large screen of 300 inches and UHD resolution. This machine projects an image ranging from 44 inches to 300 inches. The digital zoom in function makes it easy to get a larger screen size, but unfortunately Energon 2 has no zoom out feature.

The projection distance for Artlii Energon 2 is 5.5 feets to 30 feet which is the ideal projection distance for this projector. For the best quality we recommend to place your projector anywhere between 20-25 feet from the screen.

Energon 2 provides you 17 million color ranges and it has the capability to display 100% of the RGB signals of every individual image. This feature enhances user experience and gives you an ultimate cinema experience at home.

What resolution do you expect from a projector under this price tag? Artlii Energon 2 comes with 4K resolution support and it is natively set to 1080P resolution. With 4K resolution, you can watch high quality and crystal clear images without any blurring and noise in the image.

Artlii didn’t ignore the image alignment in their Energon 2 outdoor projector. In this machine, you get a ± 15 ° keystone correction for image alignment. Unfortunately, the keystone correction is manual and you don’t get auto keystone correction in this projector.

There are three aspect ratio modes which include auto mode, 16:9 and 4:3. Projection screen size can be set between 60% and 100% either from a remote controller or manually. Remote controller is more recommended as it saves your time and energy.

Energon 2 has a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and projects out highly detailed images with brighter white parts. The powerful lens of Artlii outdoor projector has a lamp life of 100,000 hours making it a long lasting projector. You don’t have to get a bulb replacement too soon.

Quick Buying Tips!

Contrast Ratio: Contrast ratio of a projector is the Ratio of the brightest area of the projection of the projector to the darkest area. While looking for a projector, most people ignore this factor in a projector but high contrast ratio can improve your viewing experience and make the image more detailed. In a projector under 400, you should go for the projector that has a contrast ratio between 2000:1 to 20,000:1.

Resolution: Resolution is the measure of pixels and it contributes to improving the quality of your projector’s image. Higher is the resolution, higher the image quality will be. if you are buying a projector under 400, go for a projector that is 1080P supported because that’s the ideal resolution in this range.

Brightness: Brightness is also a concern when choosing a projector. Brightness is a very important factor and the higher the brightness of the projector , the better will be the picture quality. Especially, if you are buying a projector for using it outside during the day consider buying a projector that has high brightness LUMENS. The recommended brightness for an outdoor projector is between 2500-5000 Lumens.

Display Type: Almost all projectors nowadays are LED based. But there is a difference between DLP and LCD Projector, so before buying your projector also make sure to know about the board type of the projector you’re going for.

As far as the DLP technology is concerned, you should not buy a projector with DLP technology if you have issues with the rainbow-like glitch effect while projecting something.

LED based projection systems are less brighter and have larger life span and they also need less maintenance as compared to other projection systems.

LCD display technology is the cheapest between the other two systems and it needs more maintenance than LED and DLP systems. Its color depth and color reproduction is also better than the above mentioned technologies.

Screen Size: When you are buying a projector under 400, you should also consider the screen size that your projector is capable of projecting. Under 400 bucks you should get a projector that can project at least 120 inches of screen. Most likely projectors in this range can project more than 200 inches of screen. So, screen size won’t bother you much while buying a projector.

Compatibility: You should always buy a projector that is compatible with all the latest devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, PCs and laptops etc. Your projector should also be compatible with different video modes such as PAL, NTSC (Mostly used in the USA), EDTV, HDTV, SECAM etc. A projector under 400 supports all the above mentioned modes.

Weight: Portable projectors are the way to go if you’re going on a trip and need something small that can be easily carried. If portability isn’t your concern, then weight should not affect which projector is right for you. For instance, at home it’s better to have an option with more features than less weight. A projector that offers minimal weight is best for carrying it around because not everyone enjoys lugging heavy things while traveling. Luckily, there are plenty of models out there designed specifically with portability as their primary goal.

Keystone: Keystone correction is defined as the correction of your projected image angle. If you are getting a tilted image, then you can align it perfectly with the screen with the help of keystone correction. A minimum keystone correction of ±20° is recommended for a projector under 400.

Connectivity: When you are buying a projector, make sure it has multiple connectivity options because it gives you a wide range of ports to easily connect different devices to your projector. You should always go for a projector that is at least equipped with HDMI, USB, VGA, and audio ports. Projectors under 400 have all these ports.

Physical Aspects: There are some other physical aspects of a projector other than the shape, size and weight of the projector. Projector in this budget should have a good and innovative cooling system to cool down the projector. Also, the projector’s temperature should not go beyond the limits. Before buying your projector, also inspect whether it has automatic zoom or manual zoom.


If you’re new to buying projectors, it might be difficult for you to know what’s best. I hope that this article has helped clarify your options and narrow down the perfect projector under 400 dollars according to your needs. You can also feel free to contact our team anytime if you have any more questions about choosing a projector or need help picking one out! We would love nothing more than assisting you in finding the perfect device for all of your presentation needs.


Is a Projector Under 400 Worth Buying?

It depends entirely on your needs. For example if you want a normal projector just for fun and watching movies on weekends and don’t want to completely depend on a projector for entertainment purposes, then a 400$ is enough for you.

How Can I Watch 4k Videos on a 4k Supported Projector?

You can watch 4K videos on a 4K supported projector just by playing a video which has 4K or higher resolution. Make sure that you have selected the UHD 4K option in the projector’s resolution settings.

Is There Any Delay in Wifi Connectivity?

Yes, there will be a very little delay when you connect your mobile devices wirelessly to your projector. But some flagship projectors offer you very fast wifi connectivity without any delay.

Is a 400$ Projector Good for Gaming?

You will surely get a delay or latency while playing games on a projector. So, if you are playing Multiplayer Online games or Ranked matches then you should not use a projector under 400$ for gaming as it will have high delay.

What projectors do cinemas use?

Cinemas use IMAX projectors which are very expensive and have the ability to project 8K Images with a very good color reproduction.

Is a 400$ Projector Noisy?

It depends upon the cooling system and fans in the projector. If a projector has good quality fans and they are quiet, you will not experience any noise.

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