Best Projector Under 500

When it comes to buying a projector under 500 bucks, there are many factors that you need to consider like size, features, and of course price. There are different types of projectors with varying features and prices.

Projectors are a great way to enhance your home theater experience. They can be used for presentations, watching movies and gaming. There are many different types of projectors with a whole range of features. The best ones will cost more than $500 but there are some good options that cost less than this amount too!

The good news is that we’ve done all the hard work for you! After hours of research and testing, we have narrowed down our selection of best projectors under 500 to seven projectors that offer all the latest features like high resolution, multiple connectivity, keystone correction and high brightness.

Optoma HD146X


Crystal Clear Quality | Bright Image (3600 Lumens) | Dynamic Black Technology | High Build Quality | Long Lamp Life (15k hours)


✓ Ideal for games

✓ Affordable projector

✓ Best performer in its class


✗ Short zoom range

✗ Only 1 input

The Optoma HD146X is a projector with jet black color and stylish looks. With 4 small round legs beneath it, the lining design on all its sides, some air vents present at right side – this one’s got everything!

The Optoma projector has a variety of buttons, located on the top back and left side that are easy to use. The branding is just near these controls for ease in locating them quickly when needed most.

The Optoma HD 146X is a great choice for the home theater because it has such vivid, cinematic color quality. The 1080p resolution gives you crystal clear images with elegant colors that are almost perfect and can provide an immersive experience in your own living room.

The Optoma HD 146X is a powerful projector that has an output of 3600 Lumens. It’s brightness gives you the ability to project in dark environments, and provides stunning pictures on your screen!

It is one of the best projectors under 500, that has all the flagship features. When we need a projector for gaming, Optoma HD146X is the perfect choice. The DLP technology provides an image that’s perfectly aligned and with enhanced game mode, it can reduce response time to help us improve our skills in this field.

The response to your actions is super fast. You can feel the difference of 16ms between other models and this one! The game mode optimizes everything for gaming, giving you a great experience when playing on it.

In Optoma HD146X, we get a 500,000:1 contrast ratio along with Dynamic Black Technology. This technology deepens the image quality by smoothing out any inconsistencies in lamp performance to create this much higher contrast ratio and delivers crystal clear images even during high brightness scenes!

The Optoma HD146X is a great projector for those seeking 3D entertainment. It can project high quality, full color images from any source that has been properly modified to be in 3D mode! 3D support is a great feature in a projector under 500.

Want to play Fortnite without any lags or stutters? The Optoma HD146X can give you the perfect experience with a refresh rate of 120Hz.

We get a total of 15,000 hours of long lamp life. This projector can work for 10 years if we have a daily average usage of 4 hours. And with projection size and distance capabilities that will project up to 120” from 12-14 feet away!

This outstanding projector under 500 also has some really cool connectivity options! It’s got an HDMI port, audio out port and USB-A so you can hook it up to any device that suits your fancy.

Epson VS260


3300 Lumens High Brightness | 15,000:1 Contrast Ratio | 3lcd technology | 1 Year Warranty


✓ Easy to Set-up

✓ Low price

✓ Automatic skew sensor


✗ Long throw distance

✗ Lesser resolution

The Epson VS260 projector is one of the best budget projectors on the market. Being a projector under 500, it has very impressive features for such an affordable price point and its quality construction will keep your investment safe from wear and tear.

Its design is quite premium and it has air vents at the front. On the top, the control menu is located from where you can control all its settings, colors and image size. Its off white color makes it very catchy.

This projector is perfect for showcasing presentations, videos and more! The XGA resolution ensures that your text and images are crisp clear. With its high quality images, you don’t need to worry about the blurry texts and images. If you want a 4K projector consider increasing your budget.

This projector is made with a cutting-edge 3LCD technology that displays 100% of the RGB color signal for every frame, providing outstanding color accuracy. You can expect to see excellent colors without any distracting rainbowing or brightness issues when using this projector.

Epson VS260 video projector is the perfect solution for any movie night. Its 15,000:1 contrast ratio means that no matter where you are sitting in a dark room, your screen will still look clear and detailed with deep blacks contrasting nicely against bright whites.

The Epson VS260 has a very interesting feature that distinguishes it from other projectors on the market. This projector is equipped with an automatic skew sensor for keystone correction, which means as soon as you plug in your HDMI or VGA cable and get ready to watch something, this projection automatically modifies its settings so every inch of your image will be perfectly aligned!

What if you’re short on budget and don’t want to spend money on external speakers? No worries, Epson VS260 has a built-in speaker that provides an immersive sound quality with balanced bass. This speaker can easily fulfill your needs!

Epson VS260 is a small and versatile projector under 500 that can be used for all kinds of needs. It features a HDMI port, so you can easily conduct zoom video conference calls and connect streaming devices, including fire TV stick, Apple TV or Chromecast.

The box includes the Epson VS260 Projector itself as well as power cable, remote control, batteries and a Quick Start Guide with easy-to-follow instructions on how to set up your device in no time at home!

Talking about the warranty, you get a limited 1 year warranty along with full unit replacement. So, if your projector’s parts are damaged you can get it replaced. Moreover, lifetime technical phone support is also offered with this projector.

ViewSonic PA503W


120′ large screens size | Versatile Projector | 3800 Lumens | 15,000 Hours Lamp lIFE


✓ Super Eco Mode

✓ Most accurate colors


✗ No carrying bag

The ViewSonic PA503W is a very clean and sleek projector with many vents to keep it cool. The color of this device is white, which makes the multimedia controls at the top back easy for you to use!

The Viewsonic PA503W has a professional, yet friendly design. The branding on the top of this projector is clearly visible and easy to see while it also offers you an adjustment clamp below the projector for more convenience.

The ViewSonic PA503W is a powerful projector under 500 that can produce 120 inches of screen from 15 feet away. This size would work for small business and school meetings, as well as the average living room or bedroom!

The Viewsonic PA503W is an excellent purchase if you want to expand your home theater experience with ease; this product has everything you need in order to watch movies comfortably at any time of day.

As a projector under 500, the ViewSonic PA503W is amazing! It has 3600 Lumens of brightness and can project clean images with bright text that are perfect for presentations. This outstanding device will easily light up your next presentation to make it look as good as possible while also being easy on the eyes.

With a 16:10 aspect ratio and full 1080P support, the ViewSonic PA503W is capable of providing beautiful images with crystal clear high color depth. As a projector under 500, this projector offers you the best features

The ViewSonic PA503W has a number of different power saving modes to conserve energy and extend the life of your lamp. These include Eco mode, which saves up to 30% on electricity bills; Super eco mode, which conserves an additional 50% more than normal operation for extra savings!

The 16ms low input lag is what makes this projector so unique. It allows you to play games and give presentations with no lags, delays or stutters! This powerful feature also enhances your gaming experience on the screen by giving it a more realistic feel

With the 3D ready HDMI input, you can project 3D images from any source without issue. You just need to make sure that your 3D glasses are on otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy these graphic wonders!

The ViewSonic PA503W has a wide range of image adjustment options, ensuring that you can optimize your view depending on how the screen is oriented. You’ll find +/- 40° Vertical keystone correction so if your images are tilted or distorted from excess light rays then it’s easy to adjust and make them perfect again!

The ViewSonic PA503W is the best budget projector under 500 for school or business use. It’s ideal if you’re presenting to a small class and looking for an affordable option that performs well in both dark spaces as well as brightly lit ones.

The Viewsonic PA503w comes with plenty of features, but what sets it apart from other projectors on the market at this price point are its advanced video processing capabilities which produce crisp visuals even in poorly-lit rooms

Artlii Energon 2


5G Wi-fi Connectivity | Supports 4K | Cinematic Experience | 250′ Big Screen | Multiple Connectivity


✓ 5G connectivity

✓ Flagship features in low price

✓ High image quality


✗ No true 4K

The Artlii Energon 2 is a projector that looks like it’s from the future with its dark grey color and futuristic design. The touch sensitive buttons give you a good feeling when you use them, which makes for an enjoyable experience!

It is one of the best projectors under 500 that offers you some very advanced features.The grill design on the projector is a great touch and will give your projector an amazing look. The back of the device has multiple ports for quick, reliable connectivity that can be used to offer you efficiency when presenting materials from various sources such as laptops or tablets.

Being a projector under 500, the Artlii Energon 2 is a piece of art that comes with the latest LCD display technology. This LCD display paired up with an 8500 Lumens bulb which produces high-quality images, making it perfect for both outdoor and indoor environments!

The Artlii Energon 2 is a projector with an output distance of up to 30 feet, which makes it perfect for any size screen. The ideal range is between 20-25 feet from the wall in order to achieve optimal quality projection display.

This machine will have you enjoying movies like never before! Watching them at 300 inches and UHD resolution is an amazing experience, with the digital zoom-in function. In a projector under 500, such large screen size is very amazing.

Artlii Energon 2 is the ideal projector for you if your goal is to have a large projection with quality in mind. To get the best experience, we recommend that you place it between 20-25 feet from your screen and enjoy hours of entertainment!

Energon 2 is a revolutionary home cinema projector that will take your viewing experience to the next level. With an incredible 17 million color ranges, Energon can display every pixel of image from all RGB colors and enable you to see each detail in vivid clarity-giving you rich cinematic visuals for TV shows or movies with deep contrast on any surface.

A projector under 500 bucks can’t offer you such features that Energon 2 offers. The resolution of this projector is so good, it’s like you’re watching your favorite movie in a theater. The clarity and realism are unparalleled with other products on the market at this price point.

Artlii is committed to ensuring that you don’t have a skewed image. They offer ± 15 ° keystone correction so your projector’s image will always be perfectly aligned no matter where it’s set up!

If you’re not sure whether to project in 4:3 or 16:9, then auto mode is the way to go. You can also set your screen size manually between 60% and 100%. Energon 2 being a projector under 500 is a very affordable and reliable choice.

Energon has amazing features that will blow your mind. The 10,000:1 contrast ratio is one of the best in its class and it works really well for outdoor use! You don’t need to worry about replacing a light bulb soon because this projector’s got you covered with 100,000 hours worth of lamp life!

Optoma H184X


Crystal Clear Quality | Bright Image (3600 Lumens) | 3D Compatible | ±40° vertical keystone | Long Lamp Life (15k hours)


✓ 120Hz Refresh rate

✓ Wireless connectivity

✓ 3D support


✗ Bad speaker quality

✗ Bad customer service

The Optoma HD184X is a projector that has an elegant and simple design. It also offers some excellent features, all at under 500 dollars! The front of the unit includes grills for air ventilation. Control buttons are placed conveniently on top so you can use this in any setting with ease.

Now you can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows and video games in a whole new way! Paired with the 300″ screen size of this projector, you’ll be able to experience large vibrant 720p resolution images.

As a projector under 500, With 1080p input compatibility it offers Rec.709 color gamuts which guarantee accurate reproduction of cinematic colors exactly how they were intended by filmmakers.

The Optoma HD184X projector is perfect for any room in your home. It features 3,600 lumens of brightness which is more than enough to handle both indoor and outdoor viewing environments with ease! What else do you expect from a projector under 500.

Optoma HD184X has a long lasting lamp life of 15,000 hours. It can last more than 10 years if you have a daily average viewing time of 4 hours. Moreover, Optoma HD184X is fully 3D compatible. It means that you can project 3D content from any 3D image source.

When you’re looking for a projector, it’s important to take into consideration the best features. One of those is keystone correction! With ±40° vertical keystone correction and high quality optics, your images will be aligned perfectly.

The Optoma HD184X has a built-in stereo speaker which can fulfill your audio needs easily. This speaker produces deep and balanced bass, with impressive sound! You don’t need to buy any external speakers for this projector – just plug in some earbuds or headphones if you want an even more customized listening experience.

You’ll be able to connect a variety of devices with the HD184X’s multiple connectivity ports. With inputs for HDMI, USB-A and VGA as well as outputs for 3.5mm audio jack and headphone out port, you can hook up your laptop and other devices easily.

The Optoma HD184X stands out in the projectors under 500 list because it has many great options. This high quality device supports 3D, has the most accurate colours and a powerful 3600 lumens light engine for lights-on viewing.



5G WiFi | Supports 4k | Smart Eco Technology | 4D Keystone | Zoom upto 500″


✓ High build quality

✓ Bright image


✗ High fan noise

Wimius K1 has a sleek futuristic design. The top of the projector is lined with an exclusive fabric that gives it a unique texture, and small rubber pads at its base make sure that it is gripped to the surface where it is placed. Air vents are also present on either side to keep this machine running efficiently all day long!

For easy connectivity, you get a 5G wifi and bluetooth connectivity in wimius K1. With these features, you can easily connect your phone to projector wirelessly. Moreover, being a projector under 500, Wimius K1 comes with a carrying bag which is a great addition to projector’s accessories.

Wimius K1 is an excellent choice for those who want to have a cinema experience at home, because it has native resolution of 1080P and supports 4K. The images with no distortion are delivered in high quality colors that will give you the ultimate cinema experience at home!

You can enjoy the flexibility of your home theater with this 4-point Keystone Correction and Zoom Function. You’ll be able to project from larger angles without compromising image quality.

By simply using the remote controller keystone correction function that allows for ±50° degrees keystone correction, you can perfectly align your image. as a projector under 500, wimius K1 offers 60% zoom feature that helps you generate a 50-500 inch screen at just 1.5-10 meters away!

The Wimius K1 Projector comes with USB, HDMI ports and more to connect it to the devices you need. The projector is compatible with a variety of devices that make your life convenient like PC’s TV sticks, PS3s/PS4s and HDMI dongles etc!

This is one of the best projectors under 500, offering many great features. Wimius K1 has the ability to directly read microsoft office formats such as from excel, word and power point. It helps you in your presentations.

Wimius K1 has a high quality lamp, with a lamp life of 10+ years. Moreover being a projector under 500, Wimius K1 comes with 4 years warranty. In the first year of warranty, you can get free replacement while in the rest 3 years you can get free repairs.

Yaber Y30


4D Keystone Correction | Hi-fi Speakers | Smart ECO Mode | Advanced Cooling System


✓ Advanced cooling system

✓ Good quality speakers


✗ Minor lags while watching videos

The Yaber projector is silver and covered with vents for ventilation. It has an excellent lens, which provides a beautiful image, without sacrificing any of its quality. The sleek design and rounded corners help to make this projector an attractive option.

The speakers on the front are also a great plus, so you can have your favourite content without any issues with hearing what’s being said!

With 8K lumens of brightness and a cool white color temperature, these bulbs are perfect for both indoors and outdoors. They won’t dim down because the indoor lights are on!

8K Lumen Brightness will make your images look great no matter where they’re used- so don’t be afraid to take them outside or when you need more light in an area with already good lighting conditions.

The Yaber Y30 projector offers the highest resolution technology on the market, with no loss in quality. You’ll never miss a show again because of its 1080P and 4K support! You can expect nothing less than that from a projector under 500.

The Yaber 30 projector is perfect for bringing the best sources of entertainment to life. The 10,000:1 contrast ratio will ensure that you see every detail in your image with incredible color and deep blacks without any flaws.

Being a projector under 500, The Y30 Home Projector is the perfect device for sound and video on the go. It comes with a built-in 3W SRS speaker that provides powerful, crystal clear audio without needing any external speakers!

This projector has a great set of features that allow for an enhanced viewing experience. One such feature is 4D innovative zoom technology which works to eliminate any blurriness or distortion in the images and also ensures they are aligned properly with no tilting, unlike other projectors.

The Y30 is a really cool projector. It has an innovative cooling system and 3 silent fans that keep it running well even when you use it for extended periods of time. As a projector under 500, Y30 provides you 100,000 hours of lamp life!

The SmartEco mode helps to decrease the energy consumption so your electric bills won’t skyrocket too much if you’re using this model regularly.

The Yaber offers a wide range of ports to connect your device with the projector. You can use 2x USB, two HDMI connections, 1x VGA connection and one AV port – whatever you need! The options are endless: Connect from gaming consoles or laptops; watch videos from mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones…the choice is all up to you!

The best projector is able to display anything from a small 45-inch screen to the largest 200 inch projection. It can be adjusted for varying distances, with perfect image at 3.5 meters away on any wall it’s being projected onto!

Yaber wants you to be happy. That’s why they offer a 3-year professional repair warranty and technical support, as well as 6 months money back guarantee for your projector if anything happens or if the product fails after purchase. Yaber has a lot to offer for a projector under 500.

This projector has a lot of great features at an affordable price. It supports 4K resolution and is perfect for people who want to enjoy their movies with the best quality possible at home!

Quick Buying Tips!

Brightness: The brightness of your projector will make all the difference in how well you can view an image. Make sure to check out lumens before buying a projector under 500 bucks, and don’t buy anything with less than 2000 Lumen capability as dim images won’t give good viewing experience.

Contrast Ratio: Contrast ratio is the difference between light and dark areas in an image. A higher contrast ratio makes it easier to see all of the details, so this factor has a major impact on your viewing experience.

If you want the best projector under 500, then consider buying a projector that features a contrast ratio of 2000:1 or more. Also, buy a projector that has a dynamic contrast ratio as it will enhance the image quality and color depth.

Connectivity: If you plan on buying a projector under 500, then make sure it has all the ports through which you can connect your devices to it. Generally, all the projectors have HDMI port which is the most used port in projectors.

Other ports like VGA port, USB port, audio port and AV ports are also present in projectors under 500. But you won’t require them as much as you require an HDMI port because most of the devices support HDMI.

Lamp Life: Lamp is an important component of a projector and they should be replaced when they are expired. So, you should always buy a projector that has long lamp life. For a projector under 500, lamp life should be more than 15,000 hours.

If you buy a projector with a less lamp life, you will have to spend money on lamp replacement frequently. So if you have a few options of best projectors under 500 bucks, go for the one which has the longest lamp life as it will save your lamp replacement money.

Ease of Use: User experience is also an important aspect to consider while buying a projector. A projector should have a simple user interface. it should be easy to operate and set up. Projectors under 500 have many features which are hard to control and understand. So, consider the projector which has easy operating menu.


Projectors are a great way to enjoy your favorite TV show or movie on the big screen, without having an expensive theater. Mid-range projectors have many features that make them versatile and perfect for any home entertainment system!

From the above list of projectors under 500, you can buy any projector without hesitating. All these projectors have some highlighting features and each one has some aspects that other projectors lack.

Overall, a projector under 500 is well suited for all purposes including office use, business use and home entertainment. If you still want to go a little bit higher consider buying projectors under 600.


Is A Projector Under 500 Good For Gaming?

Yes, you can surely use a projector under 500 bucks for gaming if your projector has a gaming mode and offers you a reduced input delay as offered in Optoma HD146X.

What Screen Can I Use With A Projector Under 500?

You can use any white wall or basic screen for projecting content. But we recommend using a good screen if you want high image quality. You can know more about what can you use as a projector screen.

Is A 500 Bucks Projector Good For Bedrooms?

Yes, you can use 500$s projector in your bedroom or living room. Bedroom projectors are usually the normal projectors, they are not something special.

Can A Projector Under 500 Good For Outdoor Use

The outdoor use of a projector depends upon the brightness of the projector. I you want to use a projector outside during the day, make sure to get the projector with a powerful light engine.

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