Best Projector Under 600

A projector under 600 bucks lies in the mid-range budget, and these projectors can give you the ultimate cinema experience. It comes with all the features that you’ll need to enjoy the cinematic experience. You can expect many great things from a projector under 600.

It can outperform many high budget projectors. It has a high contrast ratio, good lamp life, good brightness lumens, a user friendly menu and above all an attractive and interesting design.

There are many projector options available in the market. Many manufacturers such as BenQ, Epson, Nebula etc are some of the best projector manufacturers. Each projector has its own ups and downs. Some beginners who don’t know which projector to buy can make a mistake while buying a projector.

BenQ MW612


Wireless Connectivity | Bright Image (4000 Lumens) | Vertical Keystone Correction | Premium Design


✓ Higher contrast for easy reading

✓ Clear images and text

✓ Dual HDMI support

✓ High Brightness


✗ Image quality while watching movies is noisy

✗ No wireless connectivity

We get a shiny white color projector in the box. On the front, There is BenQ branding along with grills to dissipate the heat. The lens is located on the left side. There is also a unique design on the circumference of the lens. The white circles make it more attractive. On the top of the lens there are adjustment rings. Control menu of the projector is also present on the top. There is a BenQ branding tag along the multimedia controls.

We get a 1200×800 native resolution on BenQ MW612. There are many video modes in this projector. We went upto 1080P/60fps during testing. As far as the brightness is concerned, BenQ MW612 is packed with 4000 ANSI brightness lumens so it can outperform even when lights are ON or the room is not dark enough.

BenQ MW612 also has vertical keystone alignment. We can get perfectly aligned images from various locations by using this vertical keystone correction. We can also project images wirelessly by using wireless dongles. QCast mirror HDMI dongle can be used to directly project your images from your device wirelessly.

We see that this projector is specially built for business activities. It has got many presentation modes including Data review mode, Infographic mode and Presentation mode. When we switch to data review mode, we get more clear images with good contrast. While the presentation mode is for vivid and high density colors and infographic mode enhances graphical images.

BenQ MW612 is also equipped with an anti dust sensor. This anti dust sensor stops all the dust particles from entering in the lens. It enhances lamp life and the lamp health is maintained. Smart eco mode is also given so that energy is not wasted. Smart eco mode conserves upto 70% lamp power to achieve a lamp life upto 15,000 hours.

Auto Power off mode automatically turns off the projector when no input is detected for continuous 20 minutes. It saves electricity. We get a lot of connectivity ports. All these ports are located at the back of the projector.

We get 2x HDMI ports, audio IN and audio OUT ports, 1x mini USB-b port, 1x VGA port for PC output, 1x monitor Out VGA port.BenQ also offers you a 3 years warranty on limited parts, or a 2,000 hours lamp life warranty.

Optoma HD146X


Lights-On Viewing | Cinematic Picture Quality | Long Lamp Life | Fast Response Time | Supports Full 3D


✓ Budget Choice for Cinema Experience

✓ Bright Picture


✗ Low Quality Speakers

Here comes the second projector on the list of best projector under 600. This projector comes with jet black color and with a stylish look. Optoma HD146X has 4 small round legs beneath it. It has a lining design on all of its sides. Some air vents are also present on the right side. Lens is located on the left side. Multimedia controls can be found on the top back of the projector. Just near the control buttons, is the Optoma branding.

Talking about the lens display, the Optoma HD 146X we’ve got a 1080P (1920×1080) resolution producing a crisp and clear picture with elegant colors. We can experience cinema grade color quality. Optoma HD146X has a RYGCWB color wheel, to calibrate the colors just like the cinema.

As far as the brightness is concerned, in Optoma HD146X we get 3600 Lumens of brightness. The brightness is good enough that you can use it in dark environments which gives stunning pictures on the screen. We can also use it when the lights are ON and still it gives a clear picture. This projector can outperform in both the scenarios. We recommend using this projector in dim lights for the best cinema grade experience.

The DLP technology in this projector helps to perfectly align the image. Optoma HD146X is specially built for gaming. We get an enhanced gaming mode in this projector. When this mode is enabled, the response time is reduced. The response becomes faster. You get a 16ms response time which is quite amazing. The game display mode boosts the graphics and satures the colors for gaming. We get a good visibility of incoming obstacles and targets.

In Optoma HD146X, we get a 500,000:1 contrast ratio along with Dynamix Black Technology. This technology deepens the image quality by smoothes the lamp performance to create this much high contrast ratio. It makes the high brightness scenes to look crystal clear while at the same time, the darker scenes remain detailed.

Optoma HD146X also supports Full 3D technology. It can project a full 3D picture from any source that is 3D modified. But, to view 3D images you will have to buy the 3D glasses. Optoma HD146X can go upto 120Hz refresh rate, so you can play the FPS games like Fortnite, CS:GO, and Valorant without lags and stutters.

We get a total of 15,000 hours of long lamp life. This projector can work for 10 years if we have a daily average usage of 4 hours. Talking about the projection size and projection distance, Optoma HD146X can project upto 120” screen from 12-14 feet away.

This amazing projector also has multiple connectivity options. It has HDMI port, audio out port and USB-A port so you can connect it to any desired device.

Epson Home Cinema 880


Detailed 1080p Picture | 3300 Lumens (Ultra-Bright) | Great Colors 3LCD Tech | Built-in Speaker | Easy to Setup


✓ Quiet in Eco-Mode

✓ Great Brightness

✓ Works in Daytime


✗ Loud in Normal Mode

✗ No HDR

The Epson Home Cinema 880 projector is designed to give you the ultimate cinema grade experience. Its design and performance are just amazing and it makes you feel at your very own cinema home theatre. Epson home cinema 880 has a rectangular and simple design. It has many features packed inside it. Heat dissipation is normal. Grills are present at the front and back of the projector. On the top, Multimedia controls are present along with the Epson branding.

Out of all the projectors, Epson Home cinema 880 has the most outstanding color brightness. This projectors features a 3-chip 3LCD display technology which enhances the colors. It displays 100% RGB colors for every frame, making the colors most accurate and well saturated. Epson home cinema 880 has the 3300 high brightness lumens that enable it to perform well in both dark environments and open environments.

As far as the resolution is concerned, Epson home cinema 880 has a native 1080P resolution which comes out to be very clear. This outstanding projector has fast image processing technology which makes the 1080P images more clear and detailed making the projector ideal for sports, games and movies etc.

Epson home cinema 880 has a dynamic contrast ratio of 16,000:1 which makes the images to look even more detailed and the graphics look so realistic. It manages colors so well that even the darkest images remain detailed and become crystal clear.

As far as the color management is concerned, Epson home cinema 880 has 4 different color modes. Each mode modifies the colors according to your current mood. These modes include Dynamic mode, Bright cinema mode, Cinema mode and natural mode. These modes really make a difference in colors and make them more accurate.

Epson home cinema 880 also features Built-in Picture Skew Sensor. This sensor automatically observes the picture and immediately modifies the keystone for a well managed square image. Another feature of this projector is All digital HDMI 2.0 connectivity which can be used to connect your gaming consoles, streaming device and multimedia players.

ViewSonic M2e Wi-Fi Portable


Highly Portable | 100-inches projection | Powerful Dual Speakers | Auto Focus | 1000 Lumens Bright Image


✓ Great for Travel

✓ Light weight

✓ Small Form Factor

✓ Great Build Quality


✗ Doesn’t come with a Battery

Here comes the most unique projector in our list which is unique from all the aspects. ViewSonic M2e is smart, portable, handy, outperforming too. ViewSonic M2e is a portable projector with the flagship features.

It comes with a grey and silver color combination which make it very attractive. It has the air vents and grills all around it. There is a flagship ViewSonic branding. On the side there is “Harmon Cardon” sound branding.

ViewSonic’s M2e has a short throw lens that can project upto 100 inches of crystal clear images, From 8-9 feets away! Another unique feature in this projector is that it has auto focus and horizontal as well as vertical keystone that aligns your image very brilliantly.

This projector is also equipped with dual Harman Kardon speakers that are bluetooth supported and can give an amazing sound experience. They fill all of your room with high quality sound.

As far as the resolution is concerned, ViewSonic M2e is fully 1080P supported. It can project upto 1920×1080 images of high quality and you will not experience any blurry pixels. The image will be well aligned and well pixelated.

The ViewSonic M2e is an extremely portable projector, It is lightweight and slim. It only has a weight of 2.2lbs which makes it very easy to carry even in your hands. You can either put it in your hand bag or carry it in your hands.

This projector supports vCastSenfer app, which enables your mobile phone device to become a remote control for your projector. You can control your projector on the go just by a single click on your mobile phone device. It is a very amazing feature as you will not have to put in too much effort.

If you don’t have a stand for your projector or don’t want to sit behind the projector you can tilt the projector and set it along your sides. The ViewSonic M2e immediately adjustes its image alignment from any angle.

You can stream youtube directly from your projector. But copyrighted platforms like Netflix etc demand you to install their apps in the projector. The ViewSonic M2e also supports Google assistant and Alexa for your assistance.



Amazing 1080p Image | Comes with Android TV 9.0 | Great for Outdoor | 100+ Inches Picture


✓ Superb image quality

✓ Stock Android

✓ Great design


✗ No SD Card Reader for Portability

XGIMI MoGo Pro portable projector is one of our best picks. It can deliver portability and power at the same time. You can project a screen from just about any angle, and it is easy to set up.

I recommend this one for: people who want something that is lightweight and easy to carry with them on the go; parents of children who enjoy watching movies or playing games in bed before they fall asleep; teachers looking for an affordable alternative display device to use in classrooms without having to buy expensive projectors.

This projector has 5000+ apps installed in it.This projector has a 20,000:00 hour lifespan.It is compatible with all HDMI devices and can be plugged into any outlet or USB power source.

The image quality on this device is crisp and colors are vivid thanks to its 1080p resolution. And, it offers sharp contrast between lights and darks for an immersive experience when watching movies or playing games.

It also comes equipped with built-in speakers that offer stereo sound so you don’t have to worry about external speakers cluttering up your space while using the projector in bed before falling asleep (though we recommend investing in good headphones if you want great audio).

This projector is extremely portable. and can be plugged into any outlet or USB power source. It offers sharp contrast between lights and darks for an immersive experience when watching movies or playing games. XGIMI has built-in android TV so you can access all your favorite streaming services and apps, like Netflix or YouTube.

Nebula Capsule II


DLP Picture Technology | Highly Portable | Comes with Android TV 9.0 | 200 Lumens (mid-Bright) | 100-inch Image

Nebula Capsule II has a very unique design and is one of the most portable projectors on this list. It has a built-in battery that lasts for up to three hours and can be charged by USB or through an AC adapter, making it easy to use anywhere you go.

Nebula Capsule II is a smart projector that can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device and project your desired content on anything from the ceiling or wall.

With up to four hours of battery life, Nebula Capsule II also has an auto power saving function in case you forget to turn it off after use. It’s compatible with Android devices but unfortunately not iOS which is one downside for many users out there.

This is another portable option that offers great quality at less than 600$. Unleash a universe of entertainment possibilities with Android TV. Personalize your Capsule II mini projector with over 5,000 apps, including YouTube, Hulu, Twitch, and more.

It has a lot of benefits like:

Price point for a quality projector. Easy to use anywhere you go with Android compatibility, decent battery life and auto power saving function.

It does not have any built-in speakers so make sure to get them before purchase if you want sound while watching films or TV series from your phone’s apps through the mini projector screen.

This small device can project clear images on ceilings and walls making it easy to use anywhere without requiring much space available around where you are using.

Drawbacks: The lack of iOS compatibility is disappointing for many users out there as well as the fact that it only has good resolution at 720P instead of 1080P which would be preferred by some people looking for an affordable option in this price range.

Epson Pro EX7260


Bright Image (3600 Lumens) | Premium Resolution (1280 x 800) | Wireless Connectivity | Long Lamp Life (10,000 Hours)


✓ Great for Presentations

✓ Bright

✓ Light weight


✗ No 3D Support

The EPSON Pro EX7260 is truly a cinema grade projector with all the features that you would expect in one. Its matte black rectangular design and placement of lens are central to its impressive appearance, while it’s silver plate serves as an attractive finish for those who love shiny things. The silver color plate has an EPSON branding which gives it a very attractive look.

Talking about the resolution, Epson Pro EX7260 features WXGA resolution (1280 x 800) which provides you with crystal clear quality images. Epson Pro EX7260 gives 2x more resolution as compared to SVGA for the projection of HD quality presentations.

Another feature in this projector is the wireless connectivity. Through wireless connection, you can directly project any image to your projector’s screen without any quality loss.

The remote control facility is also an amazing feature of this product. You can easily control the projector through its buttons, and it saves you from getting up and operating your projector manually which allows for more time to focus on what’s really important- presenting!

This one comes with a HDMI port as well which makes our work so much easier when we have to connect sources like laptops or mobile phones that offer video output. It’s connectivity features are almost similar to those in higher priced projectors but at quite less cost.

The contrast ratio of 8000:01 ensures that images appear crisp and clear even if there is insufficient ambient light available, projecting clearer than most other models within this price range. With a high brightness level of 3600 Lumens, you can expect that the image will be delivered with a good brightness level even in large conference halls.

The projector is also fairly lightweight and compact, weighing just under four pounds which makes it easy to carry around from one meeting room to another without any hassle whatsoever.



3D Supported | 4K Input Supported | Wireless Projection | Android 6.0 | Great Connectivity Options


✓ Good 3D Projection

✓ Can Be Replaced with TV

✓ Lightweight


✗ Battery is weak

Here is a projector that combines the best of all worlds. It’s small, and light-weight for portability yet still delivers high quality video with ultimate resolution in an elegant design! The projector TOUMEI V7 has a cube shaped frame with shiny black color.

It even comes equipped with its own carrying handle at the top for easy transportation. At just over 2 pounds this device will be so easy to carry around in your bag or backpack while you’re on campus or traveling abroad!

But don’t worry about compromising picture quality because there are no compromises here; not only does this little gem have 1920×1080 HD 1080i Full High Definition WUXGA display but also offers a 16:9 aspect ratio which means everything looks crisp.

TOUMEI V7 has DLP technology, with a total of 4500 Lumens. Another feature in this amazing projector is the built-in android through which you can stream your favourite platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube etc.

The projector also has a built-in speaker which means there’s no need for you to carry around any extra wires, bluetooth speakers or earphones. The brightness of the screen is adjustable according to your preferences.

In conclusion: If you’re looking for an amazing projector under 600, this one from TOUMEI V7 might just be it! It offers a high definition 1080i display with 16:09 aspect ratio.

Quick Buying Tips!

Resolution: While buying a projector, You should check its resolution. Higher is the resolution, Higher would be the clarity of the image. From a projector under 600, you can expect a projector with a resolution of 720P to 1080P. 4k Projectors cost a bit higher than that. But 720P and 1080P projectors can also do the job. If you really want a 4k projector be sure to check our guide on cheapest 4k projectors.

Brightness: Brightness is also a very important factor. While using projectors, we have experienced that projectors that have high brightness lumens are good for both, dark environments and lighter and open environments.

So, we recommend a projector with higher brightness Lumens. A projector under 600 should feature at least 2500-3000 Lumens which will enough if you want to use your projector outdoor during daylight. However to setup properly for outdoor you should go through different steps to setup your projector outside during daylight.

Screen Size: Screen size must be considered before buying your projector. Although screen size is adjustable, you should go with a projector that has a larger screen size. Larger screens are good as they give you a nice experience. We recommend larger screen sizes for projectors under 600.

Connectivity: In our experience, Many of the latest projectors have all the ports for easy connectivity. We see that the most common port is the HDMI port. New projectors also have wifi or bluetooth connectivity, through which you can connect your device wirelessly to your projector. We should check on the connectivity options before buying a projector.

Ease of Use: We always want to use devices that can be operated easily. We don’t need any hustle in operating something. Everyone wants the ease of use. Projectors with the easy operating menu are very good as everyone can use them. We recommend a projector that is easy to use.

Lamp Life: Out of all the aspects, Lamp of the projector is a very sensitive and important component. We see that a projector with a long lamp life lasts longer. We can replace the lamp after it expires but a good projector with more lamp life doesn’t need replacement too early.


So if you’re looking for a high-quality projector under 600 with great video and audio quality, you can get any projector from any of the above projectors. All these projectors offer you the best performance and quality at affordable prices.

With short lag time between images, good response times and strong connectivity options making them perfect for giving presentations or enjoying movies on your big screen TV at home! So all these projectors provide great performance and pricing.


Is a Projector Under 600 Worth Buying?

Finding the perfect projector under 600 for your needs can be difficult. Testing and researching takes up a lot of time, but we’ve made it easy! With our list below you’ll find any type of projector that fits all budgets at affordable prices. You’re bound to find one just right for you in no time!

Are Portable Projectors Good for Home?

Yes. Portable projectors have come a long way over recent years – they are now an excellent option for home theater applications. These devices generally offer higher resolution than similarly priced TVs and provide better value because they can be used anywhere throughout the entire house or backyard!

What Should Be the Minimum Projection Size for Home Use?

The optimal screen size for home projector display is typically 120-125 inch. 125 inches is a great size for maximum legibility and resolution. Larger sizes can create too much pixelation of the image, especially with low budget projectors which comes with resolutions below 1080p, or 720p with a 1.5x lens.

What Are the Benefits of a Portable Projector?

Benefits of a portable projector include the ability to project an image in any room. The size can be changed depending on what is being projected, making smaller or larger images possible. These are just some of the benefits that come with a portable projector.

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