Best Projector Under 300

If you are looking for a projector under 300 bucks then this list should be helpful! We’ve highlighted some of our favorite picks so you don’t have to spend hours trying to find one yourself. Many people don’t know much about projectors and think that they are only used for business purposes. In reality, projectors … Read more

Best Projector Under 200

These days, almost everyone is looking to upgrade from TVs to Projectors for portability and big screen size. The projectors are quickly becoming the most popular way to watch movies in a theater-like environment. A projector under 200 can do the job well for you. They’re also great for use at home, and make it … Read more

Best Projector Under 150

Looking for a projector under 150? These days, many different projector brands are releasing their projectors in the market. This is why you can’t choose between the best ones if you’re on a budget and want to spend money wisely! We have a list of the best projectors under 150. We’re sure they’ll be perfect … Read more

Best Projector Under 100

It’s no secret that many of the products out there are overpriced or not worth your money. we have made sure you don’t have this problem with these following projectors! From a projector under 100 bucks you can’t expect too much but we did our best to bring to you the projectors which have all … Read more

Best Projector Under 50

Everyone is looking for a budget projector nowadays. People don’t want to spend thousands of dollars while buying projectors. Some people want portable projectors just for a little bit of entertainment. They consider buying a projector under 50. Under this price range, a projector doesn’t offer you the advanced features that a modern thousand-dollar projector … Read more

Best Paint For Projector Screen

The best projector screens is a key component to any home theater system. A projector screen determines the image quality of your projector. Now, many people use paint for projector screen. These paints come at affordable prices while offering best protection to your screen. For expensive projectors under 1000, you should definitely get a high … Read more