Cheapest 4k Projectors

A lot of people are looking to buy cheapest 4K projector these days, but what they don’t know is the cheapest option available is not always the best. There are a number of features to consider when reviewing projectors and some can be more important than others depending on your needs. In this article, we will review all of the different options you have for choosing a projector and help you find one that will work for you.

The people who don’t have knowledge about projectors are the ones that are being charged a premium for the cheapest options. They don’t know which options they should consider and which one to ignore. They don’t know the difference between projectors, resolutions and screen sizes.

So, what are you looking for in a projector? Do you want it to be big or small? Is image quality more important than resolution? Would you rather have something that looks good at close range or far away from your audience’s viewing distance?

There are so many options out there to choose from but most people don’t realize all of these things before they purchase their first one. This article will help guide you down the right path when buying your next projector. For your 4K Projector you can use a projector screen paint if you don’t have a screen.

The cheapest 4k projector is not always going to give you an ideal experience which is why we recommend taking into consideration other factors which we’ve explained in our buying guide. For a good 4K projector you should look for projectors under 500.

Optoma UHD60


Brightness: 2200 lumens | Lamp Life: 15,000 hours | Picture Quality: 4K Ultra-HD | Throw Distance: 120″ (12-19ft) | Two 4W Speakers


✓ Produces No Noise

✓ Incredible Sharp Pictures

✓ HDR Supported


✗ Flimsy Top Panel

✗ Slightly High Input Lag

OPTOMA UHD60 features a very attractive design with white color and many air vents for heat dissipation. It has a good ventilation system so that the projector won’t heat up if you keep it running for long hours. It has a gritty texture with Optoma branding at the top. The multimedia controls are also present at the top to control the projector. These ports are easy to access and have very good placement on the projector.

As far as brightness is concerned, Optoma UHD60 comes with a total of 3000 Lumens of brightness which can project comparatively brighter images with good color calibration so you won’t experience any blurry texts while projecting some presentations or graphical content. This projector can outperform in any environment whether you are in a highly illuminated room or a dim place that is specially built for home theater use. It is a great option when you are looking for cheapest 4K projectors.

Optoma UHD60 is equipped with 4K UHD DLP chipset technology and projects up to 8.3 million crystal pixels on the screen. This high-end and advanced system is manufactured by Texas Instruments which is a professional manufacturer company.

Along with brightness, Optoma UHD60 has natively set 4K resolution with 830,000,0 pixels. It displays approximately 4X more pixels than a 1080P projector and gives out very sharp quality images that makes the viewing experience very premium. The output quality is very outstanding and you get the ultimate image without any blurring or noise in the picture.

Another important feature of Optoma UHD60 is its HDR compatibility, as HDR can really improve color quality and details of the image. This HDR has HDR10 technology which supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut and displays each and everything in the REC.2020 color format. It can provide you with deeper blacks, brighter white and an ultimate color depth.

Talking about the lamp life, Optoma UHD60 has a lamp that is configured to give you up to 15,000 hours of lamp life without any replacement or repair issues. If you use it as your daily driver and project for 4 straight hours it will long for at least 10 years.

For good image quality, you get a contrast ratio of 1,200,000:1. This contrast ratio is very high and the higher the contrast ratio is, the more color depth, details and brighter image will be. With this high contrast ratio, you will have the dark scenes appear more detailed and brighter scenes appear more clear.

Audio has also not been compromised on this projector, For better audio experience you get two 4W speakers. These speakers provide you with high quality stereo sound which spreads around and enhances user experience.

For the screen size and projection distance, Optoma UHD60 can project an 120 inches image from 13-19 feet away from the projection surface. 120 inch 4K resolution would be awesome and it gives you an ultimate cinema experience.

The connectivity options are very handsome on this projector. It is equipped with multiple ports including 2x HDMI ports out of which one is HDMI 2.0 and the second one is HDMI 1.4a, 1x VGA port, 1x audio-in, 1x USB 2.0 and 1x USB-A port to connect your favorite devices to this projector. If you want to connect your phone to projector wirelessly, then buy an HDMI dongle.

Why We Choose It?

We have included Optoma UHD60 projector in our list of cheapest 4K projector as it comes with various top notch features and also provides you rich, deep and most accurate color quality with a 6-segment color wheel for the best color calibration. With this projector, you get the ultimate cinema experience just at home.

Optoma UHD51A


Brightness: 2400 lumens | Lamp Life: 15,000 hours | Picture Quality: 4K Ultra-HD | HDR10 Compatible | Works with Alexa & GA | Two 5W Speakers


✓ Works with Alexa & Google Assistant

✓ Great Picture Attention to Detail

✓ Produce No Noise


✗ Loud When in Full Power

✗ Alexa Setup Might Be Tricky

Optoma UHD41A comes with a jet black design with optoma branding at the front. Grills are also present all over the projector for good heat dissipation. Multimedia control buttos are present at the top while the ports are located at the back of the projector. This projector has a shiny look that attracts people. It is designed to keep the heat out of the projector while it is running.

On this projector, you also get Google Assistant or Alexa support, so that you can control you projector by your voice. You can project anything on this projector just by giving it a command. This is a very convenient way and requires no effort rather than using your voice.

Talking about the resolution, this projector can project up to 4k resolution ith 8.3 Million addressable pixels. It projects four times more pixels than any HD projector resulting a better image really clear and this projector gives you the best color depth and saturation.

Just as the Optoma UHD60 we’ve mentioned above, this projector also supports HDR10 technology that is based on DCI-P3 wide color gamut. This high end technology gives the most accurate colors, more details and a comparatively brighter image than any other projector.

Another important feature is the Ultra detailing technology which enhances the graphics and details present in the image and makes the image even more brighter. The darker portion of the image gets even more detailed and the white part appears more clear and vivid.

This projector is also gaming ready so you can use it with all the latest gaming consoles and gaming PCs for ultimate gaming experience. You won’t face any issues while using this projector for gaming. The delay has also been reduced a little to get a better gaming experience.

Either you mount your projector to a ceiling, or place it on a table, you can perfectly align your image with the screen as this projector has a 1.3x manual zoom which can be adjusted by the lens ring. It also has 0.8x-2.0x digital zoom and a +10% vertical keystone correction as well as lens shift.

Optoma UHD51A has a lamp life of 15,000 hours that provides you a long lasting 10 years of projector’s life without replacing the bulb. But, this is only possible if you use the projector for a maximum of 4 hours daily otherwise, its life will be reduced to 5-8 years.

An enhanced color wheel can also be used to calibrate the colors. Calibrating the colors right can really make your experience awesome and you will feel just like cinema at your home. By doing so, you can increase color depth, make the colors more rich vivid and saturated.

This projector comes with a 500,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio that can increase the image details and make it more clear and brighter. Especially while gaming, this dynamic contrast ratio can make you game graphics look more realistic and fantastic.

Why we choose this?

We have included this projector in our cheapest 4K projector list as it has some good features to offer. It is a gaming ready projector with reduced latency. It has manual as well as digital focus with keystone correction.

Optopma UHD51A also has voice support so that you can control it directly by your voice without any effort. This projector is also a 3D ready device but to watch 3D content, you have to wear 3D glasses that will cost you some extra money.

ViewSonic PX701


Brightness: 3200 lumens | Lamp Life: 20,000 hours | Picture Quality: 4K Ultra-HD | HDR10 Compatible | 240Hz High Refresh Rate | Mono 10W Speaker


✓ Best for Ambient Light Projection

✓ 240Hz Refresh Rate

✓ Five Image Color Presets

✓ Long Lamp Life


✗ Bold Design

✗ Lacks 3D Projection

ViewSonic True 4K projector comes in a white color and a fantastic design and it is one of the best projector in our cheapest 4K projector list. On the front there is a grill vent to keep the heat out of the projector. On the top, there is a 4K tag along with ViewSonic branding with multimedia controls. Its design is clean and simple. The ports are present at the back.

This projector is full of features and it is the best gaming projector in budget. It has got all the features that a gamer expects from a projector. The most important and highlighting feature of this projector is the 240Hz refresh rate which is very great. 240Hz gaming on a projector gives you an ultimate experience. The game is smooth and you will not notice any lags while gaming.

For gaming, the projector’s latency has also been kept under consideration. ViewSonic True 4K projector comes with a reduced latency of 4.2ms. Your game will run very smoothly without stutters and you won’t experience any input delay or input lag. This projector is the most ideal projector for gamers because it falls in budget price.

Talking about the screen size and projection distance, ViewSonic True 4K projector can go upto 300 inches without causing blurry text or graphics. Gaming on a big screen of 300 inches on an ultra fast 240Hz refresh rate would be a very fantastic experience.

For color accuracy, ViewSonic UHD projector comes with SuperColor technology along with a wider color gamut that modifies the color and makes them just like the cinema grade colors. This projector can project the highest quality images with the best color accuracy.

In this projector, you get perfect image alignment options. For instance, you get an antit-wrapping stabilization system for a stabilized image, a vertical and horizontal keystone correction is included which works automatically so you don’t have to do it manually. ViewSonic True 4k projector also has 1.1x optical zoom to adjust image size.

There is also a SuperEco mode in this projector, which conserves energy and also reduces high power consumption. It results in the increase of lamp life. You get 20,000 hours of lamp life in this projector so that you can enjoy your favourite content without worrying about the lamp replacement.

A 10W speaker is also installed in this projector for a good sound experience. If you are using this projector for gaming, a good gaming headset is suggested as it will enhance your experience. For connectivity, you get an HDMI 2.0 port, a USB 2.0 port, and 3.5mm audio port.

Why We Chose It?

The reason why we’ve included this projector in our cheapest 4K projector list as this is the best 4k projector came so far for gaming. This projector has all the functions that a gaming projector must have. It has got 240Hz refresh rate along with 4.2ms delay so you will experience ultra smooth high FPS gameplay without any lag. ViewSonic True 4k projector also has SuperEco mode which saves a lot of energy and contributes to a cleaner environment.

BenQ TK800M


Brightness: 3000 lumens | Lamp Life: 15,000 hours | Picture Quality: 4K Ultra-HD | HDR10 Compatible | 3D Compatible | Good for Gamers | Mono 5W Speaker


✓ Great Cinema Mode Colors

✓ HDR Performs Very Well

✓ Under Budget 4k Projector


✗ Dark Spots Are Not So Clear

BenQ TK800M is a very professional projector with a clean and attractive design. On the front, the projector has pearl blue color with BenQ branding and a large air vent. On the bottom, 4 small rubber padded legs are present to hold the projector tight if you place it on a table. Top part of the projector is white colored and is made up of very high quality material. Multimedia controls are also located on the top. There is also another BenQ logo branding on the top to make the projector look more attractive.

BenQ TK800M comes with DLP display technology that is paired with a high quality light engine, and produces a high quality 4K UHD image without blurry texts. This projector is true 4K supported and the DLP technology projects a comparatively brighter and clear image to enhance your experience.

As far as the resolution is concerned, BenQ TK800M UHD projector comes with 3000 ANSI lumens and it is capable of performing in all the environments whether you are using it in a highly illuminated room or in a dim environment especially built for home theatre. As this projector can perform in both environments. So it is suitable indoors as well as outdoors.

To match your requirements, this projector has many different modes to which you can switch depending upon your mood or requirements. These modes include User Mode, Football Mode, Game Mode, Sport Mode, Music Mode and Cinema Mode. These modes can change the projectors settings automatically according to your needs. For example, while watching some sports content you can switch to Sport Mode. and while playing games switch to Game Mode

BenQ TK800M UHD projector has a 5W in-built powerful speaker that has CinemaMaster audio+2 technology which really enhances the sound and produces a more powerful and high bass sound that spreads around in your room so that you can hear the vocals of your content more clearly.

A 1.1x Zoom function is also included in this projector by which you can achieve a total screen size of 120 inches starting from 60 inches. Another highlighting feature of this projector is its automatic vertical keystone correction so that you get perfectly aligned images without any image tilt.

Talking about the lamp life, This highly professional projector can give you up to 15,000 hours of lamp life so that you won’t have to worry about the lamp replacement. It also has two different modes for energy saving. First one is SmartEco and the other one is LampSaveMode which conserves power and also increases lamp life.

Why We Chose It?

We have included this projector in cheapest 4k projector list because it has too many modes to offer. No other projector can adapt to any of the modes. These modes automatically change the projector’s color calibration according to the scenario of the content being projected. The cinema color mode is very amazing and gives outstanding movie experience.

Optoma HZ39HDR


Brightness: 4000 lumens | Lamp Life: 30,000 hours | Picture Quality: 4K Ultra-HD | HDR10 Compatible | 3D Supported | Mono 10W Speaker


✓ Highest Lamp Life

✓ Great for Gaming

✓ 120Hz Refresh Rate


✗ Average Speakers

Optoma HZ39HDR is the most simple projector with an impressive and innovative design. It has the perfect shape a projector should have with some great features. The projector is white colored with high quality build material. On the sides, there are vents for heat dissipation to keep the projector cool. The multimedia control panel is present at the top for easy access. Alongside the zoom ring on the top, there is also an Optoma Branding that adds a bit more attraction to the looks of this projector. Optoma HZ39HDR is not really the cheapest 4K projector but it has many features to offer.

As this projector is full of many great features, one of its important features is the Full 3D support. This projector is capable of projecting the true 3D images and videos from any 3D video or image source. But, make sure to grab your 3D glasses and if you don’t use 3D glasses you won’t be able to get the true 3D experience. You can watch any 3D Blu-ray movie on this projector without any issue.

Optoma HZ39HDR has the full HDR10 support with 120Hz refresh rate for ultra smooth gaming. On our cheapest 4K projectors list, this is the second projector that is the best ideal projector for gaming as it supports 120Hz refresh rate so that you can play FPS games on this projector like Fortnite, CS:GO and Valorant. You will not experience any input lag while gaming on this projector.

A Signal Power ON feature is also included with this projector. This technology automatically turns ON the projector when it receives a signal from any HDMI source or port. So, you don’t have to make an effort to turn ON the projector by pressing the power button. Just give it a signal and it will turn itself ON in just a matter of seconds.

On the side of the projector there is the speaker grill, in which a 10W high quality stereo speaker is installed to give out very high quality audio without any noise. It gives crystal clear audio with good bass for the best audio experience.

For high image details, This projector comes with a 300, 000: 1 contrast ratio which produces sharp images with accurate and vivid colors, with a wide color depth. With this high contrast ratio, the white parts of the image appear brighter while the dark parts look more detailed and sarp.

Optoma HZ39HDR also has perfect image alignment options as it comes with 1.3x zoom to get a large screen of 120 inches. You can also change the size of the image by adjusting the lens zoom and by adjusting the distance of the projector from the screen.

Talking about the brightness, this projector has 4000 lumens of high brightness that can perform very well in any environment even if the lights on this projector is fully supported for lights ON viewing.

Why We Chose It?

We have included this projector in our cheapest 4K projector list as it has a variety of features such as it offers you 300,000:1 contrast ratio which is a great feature for those people who want more details and a sharper image with accurate colors. The 120Hz refresh rate of this projectors gives you the best gaming experience and you can enjoy any show in your room!



Brightness: 2500 lumens | Lamp Life: 25,000 hours | Picture Quality: True 4K Ultra-HD | HDR10+ Compatible | 60W Dolby Speakers


✓ Amazing Image Quality

✓ Powerful Sound System

✓ Best Cinematic Experience


✗ Need Adjustments for Best Picture

Vava 4K UST projector comprises a very cool, simple and clean design with shiny white color on the top while all sides are rounded and have a leather grey texture. This projector is also equipped with a whole speaker bar. On the top, there is VAVA branding along with some other brands tag. The ports are present at the back. This projector comes in both black and white colors.

Vava Laser TV home projector is a short throw projector with a very great picture quality. With this projector, you can save a lot of space and it has very cool features including the smart android TV, and HDR support.

As far as the resolution is concerned, Vava Laser TV supports true Ultra HD 4K resolution with HDR 10 support. With this HDR support, Vava Laser TV projects very high quality images, with deep colors, high contrast ratio and vivid colors.

Talking about the contrast ratio, On Vava home theatre projector, you have a 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio which is far more than the cinema’s projector contrast ratio. The contrast ratio of the projectors in cinemas is set to 2000:1 which is also the standard contrast ratio for most of the projectors out there in the market.

With its advanced light engine, Vava Laser TV gives you 2500 ANSI lumens which make the image much brighter so that it can be seen even in highly illuminated environments. As this projector has ANSI brightness, it is also ideal for outdoor use. But, to achieve the best viewing experience you should always use your 4K projector in an environment where the lights are either turned OFF or dim.

Another important feature of this projector is the ALPD 3.0 cinemattic technology which enhances the image color quality and makes you feel like you are at a cinema. This projector offers you the projection size upto 150 inches. The Image size can be easily set between 80 inches and 150 inches depending upon the distance of the projector from the projection surface.

The laser engine on Vava Laser TV gives you a 25,000 hours of lifespan. This projector has a very strong and efficient laser engine with the capability to last more than 15 years if you use your projector for 4 hours daily.

Audio system on this projector is also very outstanding as the Vava Laser home theatre projector has a whole sound bar which runs on 60W power and comes from Harman Kardon and produces very high quality sound.

The most highlighting feature of this projector is its smart android 7.1 system.This android system has an Aptoide app store to download your favourite streaming apps. Vava laser TV comes with 32GB of internal storage along with 2GB ram. This projector also has electronic focus with automatic keystone correction to perfectly align your images with the screen.

For connectivity, this projector is equipped with multiple ports. It has 3x HDMI ports, 1x USB port, 1x audio out port and 1x AV port, so that you can connect your desired devices to this projector by using any of these ports.

Why We Chose It?

We have included this projector in our cheapest 4K projector list as it has a variety of We have chosen this projector because of its outstanding features it has to offer. It has the best quality sound system working on 60W power source which means that it will produce the most powerful sound.

It also has android 7.1 support so you can directly watch your favourite content without connecting any device to this projector. It also has 32GB internal storage to download the apps and you can also download your favourite movies or shows to watch them later when there is no internet access.

WEMAX Nova Short Throw Laser Projector


Resolution: 4K supported

Brightness: 2100 lUMENS

Screen Size: upto 150″ screen size

Connectivity: HDMI supported


✓ Laser projector

✓ Short Throw High Image Quality


✗ Can’t be used as an overhead projector

WEMAX Nova Short Throw Laser Projector Is a True 4K projector that comes with a very premium design with space gray colour. The color has a matte shade which looks so attractive, having ventilation grills at the side of the projector. As it is a laser projector so the projecting lamp/line is located at the top of the projector. The design is futuristic and all the control menu buttons are touch operated so you can control your projector in just a single click. This 4K projector also comes with a remote controller to adjust your projector’s settings without getting up from your sofa.

Talking about the resolution, WEMAX Nova comes with 4K Resolution UHD HDR10 Display technology that projects very high quality UDH images but make sure to get a well coated screen with your projector screen paint. High quality projecting surface not only ensures the quality of your projector’s image but makes your viewing experience even better.

With a maximum screen size of 150 inches, this projector provides you with a very large screen so that you can enjoy your favourite netflix shows with your friends, family and kids. WEMAX Nova does not lose quality with the increase in screen size. you won’t notice any blurring in the pixels when you zoom in your projected image.

To calibrate you image correctly with the screen, you get 8-points keystone correction on this projector. What else do you want from a projector when you’ve got this much features? WEMAX high quality 4K projector has a projection bulb with a total of 2100 ANSI Lumens which project out a well bright and colorful image.

As it is an android projector, you get a total of 5,000 plus apps on WEMAX Nova for entertainment on the go. You will never get bored with this projector because of this much apps. Moreover, you can use Amazon FireStick, Chromecast or any other streaming device to stream your favourite content with your 4K projector.

XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector


Resolution: 4K supported

Brightness: 2200 ANSI lumens

Screen Size: Upto 120″

Connectivity: HDMI connection


✓ Android TV

✓ Harman Kardon Speakers


✗ Bulky Design

XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector is a A grade high quality 4K projector that not just provides you quality but also portability at the same time. With its portable and compact design you can carry XGIMI Horizon Pro anywhere you go. This projector can also be used as a camping projector. It also has a dark gray color and the speaker grill is all around the curved part of the projector. The speakers are of high quality wich crystal clear audio.

XGIMI Horizon Pro is a true 4K projector that provides you with a high resolution of 3840 x 2160 and 8.29 million pixels on the screen, but the screen should be of premium quality. Projector screens play an important part in the quality of projector’s image. As there are too many types of projector screens, you should do a little bit of research before making your purchase.

This true 4K projector comes with intelligent Screen Adaption Technology which allows you to calibrate your image accurately with the screen. This top-notch technology provides you ±40 Degrees Auto Keystone Correction (Horizontal & Vertical), Auto Screen Alignment, Auto Focus, and Obstacle Avoidance. This technology is super fast and you can use it easily in just a single click.

With the X-VUE 2.0 Image Engine on this projector, you can now experience very high quality images without any blurriness. The colors are well calibrated, and the projected image is sharp, saturated and well balanced. High contrast ratio makes the darker parts of the image appear more detailed without the loss of image quality.



Resolution: Supports 4K

Brightness: 8500 Lumens

Screen Size: 300″

Connectivity: HDMI + 5G connectivity


✓ 5G Wifi Supported

✓ Digital Keystone

✓ 50% Zoom capability


✗ Low build Quality

FANGOR 5G wifi projector is a mid-range 4k projector that comes with a native resolution of 1080P but can go upto 4K resolution. Although the build quality is not very good but this projector provides you very high quality images. It has a off-white color with vents all around it and a leather texture at the top of the projector. The control menu buttons are also located at the top of the projector.

As far as the contrast ratio is concerned FANGOR 5G wifi projector comes with a high contrast ratio of 10000:1. With this high contrast ratio you get highly accurate and detailed images without any blurriness or image distortion. The colors of image are well balanced and the bright parts remain bright maintaining the details of the image.

Equipped with +/-45° digital keystone correction to adjust the projector’s image remotely. The FANGOR 701 full HD movie projector reduces image distortion effectively. Digital zoom capabilities allows adjustments without changing the projection distance frequently from 100% to 50%. Also, this projector comes with a carrying case which is made up of high quality cloth and it enables you to easily carry your 4K projector anywhere you go.

For connectivity, you get two options. You can either use HDMI cable to connect your desired devices to the projector in case you’re using this 4K projector for gaming or you can connect your smartphone devices with 5G wifi connection to get rid of cluster of wires around you. With the 300″ large screen size you are able to see every detail of the projected image without requiring to zoom in.

XNoogo 4K supported Wifi Projector


Resolution: 4K Supported

Brightness: 9600 Lumens

Screen Size: 450″

Connectivity: HDMI + wifi


✓ Dolby Audio supported

✓ Large Screen Size


✗ Average Image Quality

✗ Low Build Quality

XNoogo 4K projector is made of high quality plastic. It comes in light green kind of color and has ventilation grills all over it. Overall, the projector quality is great with touch control buttons at the top of the projector. You can easily control your projector in just a single click with the buttons located at the top of the projector.

This cheapest 4k projector comes included with a high quality carrying bag so you can carry your projector easily without any difficulties of wear and tear. With the high 9600 lumens brightness, you are now able to experience crystal clear images without any distortion or blurry pixels. This projector can also be used as a daylight projector for outside viewing on a sunny day.

As far as the connectivity is concerned, XNoogo 4K projector can be easily connected to any of your devices by using its ultra fast 5G connectivity. Moreover, if you want a more stable connection for professional use you can opt for the HDMI cable which provides you with a faster response time specially if you’re using your cheapest 4k projector for gaming purposes.

The most amazing feature of this projector is its 450 inches large screen size. Imagine watching. your favourite netflix shows or movies with your loved ones on a large screen of 450 inches. XNoogo 4K projector supports Dolby Digital so you can also experience High quality crystal clear audio. This projector provides you ultimate cinema experience at home just like Imax projectors offer.

Quick Buying Tips!

Brightness: When you’re looking to buy a cheapest 4K projector, it’s important that the brightness of its lamp is high. This will make viewing experiences much better for an audience both indoors and outdoors since high brightness projectors are suitable in any environment.

Cost: The price is very important to consider. The best projectors for the money will be listed here with their corresponding prices and most of them are in the range of $1000-$2500, which is a good budget to work with. Remember that when it comes time to purchase anything you’re not familiar with, always do your research on it first before committing to buy so there’s no surprises later on!

Lamp Life: While buying a projector, consider the lamp life. It is important to find out how often you’re going to have to replace the projector’s lamp. The longer the life, the better it will be for your wallet because they are usually more expensive than other parts of a projector and can cost up to $500 or so!

The shorter the lamp life, the easier it will be on your budget but at some point you’ll need to spend money on replacing them which could get costly over time. So make sure that when buying a new one, there’s enough wattage in its lamps for an enjoyable viewing experience!

Contrast Ratio: Contrast ratio also plays an important role in image quality of a cheapest 4K projector. The higher your contrast ratio, the better. It’s what makes it possible for you to see all of the details in an image so this is a very important factor.

The contrast ratio can be found on most modern projectors and it will typically fall between 3500:01-5000:01 or more! So when buying, make sure that you’re getting something with at least 4000:01 which should give you good quality visuals without any problems whatsoever!

4K projectors are mostly used by those people who want UHD images without compromising on the quality. What they want is the most clear quality with vivid colors. Here we have done the hard work and gathered a few options which offer best quality 4k resolution and have the cheapest price tag at the same time.


In conclusion, we will say that if you want the cheapest 4k projector, you should not consider buying the cheapest one as they don’t support true 4K resolution. From the above mentioned projectors, you can buy any projector as all of these are 4K supported and can fulfill your needs. We have also included two gaming projectors which can be used for ultimate gaming experience on True 4K UHD resolution without any lag. Cheapest 4K projectors will not give you the best quality, and if you want a High quality 4K projector consider buying a flagship projector instead of buying a cheapest 4K Projector


Is a 4k Projector Good for Gaming?

Yes, you can use a 4K projector for gaming and it would be best for gaming if it has high refresh rates. You need a 120Hz or 240Hz projector for ultimate gaming experience. We’ve already mentioned some of the best and cheapest 4k projector which you can use for gaming.

Can I Use My 4k Projector in Outdoor Environments?

Yes, if your projector has a powerful light engine and can project a brighter image then you can use your 4k projector outside during the day. If you don’t know how to set up a projector outside during the day and want a complete guide, we have a complete guide line on how to use a projector outside during the day.

What Is the Average Price of a 4k Projector?

There is no simple answer to this question. Some people can find a good projector for $1000, while others might have paid as much as $2500. There are many factors that play into it, but the most important one would be the brand name you’re buying from.

Brands like Optoma and BenQ can produce quality products with high-resolution at fantastic price points; they won’t try to take your wallet senselessly dry like Sony or JVC does. To our observation, the average price of a projector is $450 to $2500.

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