How To Connect Phone To Projector Wirelessly

Many people want to connect their phone to projector wirelessly. It might seem like this is an impossible task, but it can be done with the right hardware and software. In this blog post, we will teach you how to connect your phone to a projector wirelessly so that you don’t have to worry about messy wires or cables!

It is to be noted that if your projector has wireless wifi connectivity support, then you will not have to buy any external hardware. If your projector has wifi connectivity, then you just need to download the EZCaste app on your android tablet and connect the projector and mobile phone to the same wifi connection and you’re good to go.

If you are using an IOS tablet or IPAD then just connect the iPad and projector to the same wifi network, and tap on the screen mirroring option in the control centre of you IOS tablet or IPAD and you will get your IPAD’s display directly into the projector.

For those projectors that don’t have wifi connectivity support, you will have to buy a wireless HDMI Dongle to connect your phone to projector. For your convenience, we have found a very good HDMI dongle that has a wide connectivity range and can go up-to 4K resolution for good quality and clarity.

So, The steps to connect your phone to projector which doesn’t support wifi connectivity are mentioned below:

Get Your Dongle

Get your wireless HDMI dongle. For instance, we have used YEHUA 4k HDMI WiFi Miracast Dongle to connect phone to projector. This is an outstanding HDMI dongle that supports 4K resolution Projectors and is compatible with most of the devices. This dongle has very little delay so if you want to play games you have an amazing option.

So, just buy your dongle and then you are good to go.

Plug The Dongle Into The Projector

Before you plug the dongle into one of the HDMI ports, make sure that your projector is turned off. After that plug in the HDMI dongle into any HDMI port on the projector and turn on the HDMI dongle and then the projector.

If your instructions manual says to use the HDMI extension cable, then use one of the extension cables if any included in the wireless HDMI dongle’s box.

Set-Up The Dongle

Setting up the dongle is also a very easy step. Just turn On the dongle and if it is a wi-fi dongle, connect it to the same wi-fi network your tablet is connected to. While setting up the dongle, you can change its name to your personalized name so you won’t be confused while connecting your dongle and mobile device.

Your are now just one step away from connecting phone to projector.

Enable The Mirroring On Android Device

For android phones or tablets, You just have to go to settings menu, and then into the display section. In the display section, you will get the MiraCast wireless display option, select your projector under that section and you will get your android tablets display on your projector’s screen.


It is easier to connect your tablet with a projector than you think. You just need the right accessories and then follow this simple guide for setting up MiraCast on android tablets. By following the above steps, you will be able to see your tablet on the projector’s screen.

Usually, expensive projectors have built-in wifi connectivity. Consider buying dongles for bedroom projectors to avoid the messy clusters of wires in your room.

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