Best Night Light Projector for Babies

Night Light Projectors are a great way to soothe babies and get them to sleep at night. Babies just love the soft glow of these lights on their ceiling that help create a little mini universe around them.

There are many different ones available on the market, but not all are created equal. Some cheaper ones only have white light or it might be quite harsh for babies eyes.  Best Night Light Projectors for Babies need to have a soft colour option as well as white colour– sometimes coloured light is much more soothing than plain white light.

If your newborn baby is not sleeping well at night, consider using a babies night light projector. Night Light Projectors for Babies are very calming and soothing at night, plus they project fun images onto your babies ceiling that can help them relax.

Babies Night Light Projectors have a selection of sounds & music available as well so you might want to consider these too!  Best Night Projector for Babies should be able to play a range of sounds. It is also nice if the projector has an automated shut off timer which will automatically turn off after the desired amount of time.

Finding Best Night Light Projectors for Babies can be difficult as there are lots of cheap night light projectors available on the market.

Best Night Light Projector for Babies in 2021 – Top Picks

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Night Light Projector for Baby GirlBaby Soother Owl ProjectorCHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews
Best 360 Star ProjectorStar Projector Night Light for KidsCHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews
Best Stuffed Toy ProjectorBaby Soother Unicorn ProjectorCHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews
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Quick Buying Tips!

When it comes to selecting a star projector for your baby, you’ll want one with all the functions that matter most. A good idea is making a list of features and cutting off those features when a particular projector fulfills them.

If you’re looking for a night light projector, it’s best to check out customer reviews as in case of bedroom projectors. If they have good feedback and offer features that make your life easier then go ahead and buy!

If the reviews on the projector are positive you should still look at how attractive it is. If a night light projector has cartoonish shapes like animals or other figures, the babies will be happy from that.

The last thing you should consider when buying a night light projector for your baby is the price of the projectors. You don’t have to spend too much money on it and there are budget options available, as well. Just make sure that whichever one you choose adequately fulfills your little one’s needs!

Some of the best baby night light projectors should have options like volume control, timer switch off and sensitivity settings to help get your baby into a good sleep routine.

Best Night Light Projector for Babies Reviews

TRUDIN LED Galaxy Projector
TRUDIN LED Galaxy Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

TRUDIN LED Galaxy Projector

Best Galaxy Night Light Projector


  • Comes with Controller
  • Built in Battery
  • BlueTooth Speaker
  • Auto Turn OFF
  • Professional Support


2400mah Battery

Sound Activated


Sluggish Design

Trudin Galaxy projector has a very premium design. it has a circular body with the lens at the top. On the sides there is a silver lining along the circumference of the projector. There is a stand at the bottom to place your night light projector anywhere you want.

TRUDIN LED Galaxy Light Projector is the amazing device that can create a romantic and “colorful” atmosphere in your bedrooms, playrooms and home theater. It combines green stars with nebular galaxy sky to give you an excellent visual experience. The starlight projector has two projection effects that work at the same time or separately

Transform your bedroom into a romantic sky with this Starlight Projector! This device projects thousands of stars on the ceiling and walls. It has 6 different colors, including red, blue, green, yellow, cyan and white so you can choose any color to match your mood or environment. With its easy remote control features that let you rotate direction as well as adjust brightness-you’ll be able to enjoy an enchanted night’s sleep every night!

The starlight projector has a speaker and can be used to play soothing music on your phone, tablet or iPad. It also features lights that synchronize with the beat of the song so you’ll have an immersive experience!

The Automatic Shutdown function not only helps you save energy while sleeping, but it also allows the star galaxy projector to be flexibly adjusted so that children can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing bedtime experience. It is perfect for any festive party decorations because of its calming effect for both kids and adults.

You get a 24/7 customer support with Tridun night light projector. All of their products are manufactured under the strictest quality test so you know that your product is going to be high-quality and long lasting.

Baby Soother Owl Projector
Baby Soother Owl Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

Baby Soother Owl Projector

Best Night Light Projector for Baby Girl


  • Owl Shaped
  • Automatic Cry Sensor
  • 20 Relaxing Songs
  • High Build Quality


Owl Design


Stuffed Animal


Small Projection Size

Owl projector is a little and cute own shaped projector that comes with many soothing sound options from which you can choose your favourite one. You can set-up this projector in your baby’s room for a smooth and relaxing sleep.

This cute baby projector is also portable and fluffy. It can be easily carried everywhere you go. On the front there is the control menu from where you can change the songs or set-up the automatic timer.

With the Cry Activated Sensor and 20 soothing sounds, Sweet Snuggly Owl can help to ease baby into a peaceful slumber. The rotating galaxy lights keep the baby contented while they drift off to sleep in their own beds without any rocking or walking required from you!

When the night falls, no one is more peaceful than a sleeping baby. But as you keep an eye on your little angel and try to get some rest yourself, it can be tough when they have trouble falling asleep or staying that way. With this device, not only will your child find sleep easier because of its calming effects but so will you! The Gentle Night Light projects enchanting light up onto walls or ceilings in changing colors- making any room feel like a starry sky filled with stars.

Surprise! You can take this baby soother with you everywhere. From car rides to stroller walks, it’s one of the best ways to keep your little one happy and content while they’re exploring their new world.

This little stuffed animal is going to be the best gift for any expecting parent! They’re soft, cuddly and even come with batteries so you don’t have to worry about that.

Star Projector Night Light for Kids
Star Projector Night Light for Kids (Image credit: Amazon)

Star Projector Night Light for Kids

Best 360 Star Projector


  • Durable & Friendly
  • 360 degree silent rotation
  • Build-in 1200 mAh battery
  • 100% refund guarantee


Bowl Design

Premium Quality

Bright Projection


Old style Pattern

Remote Controller is of low quality

Star Night Light projector comes with a futuristic design and a remote control. It has a circular bowl design with a curved bottom. There is a digital display to control the timer and other options of this night light projector. This projector also comes with a remote controller that has a pretty good range.

The remote controller of this star night light projector is so good that it can control the projector from over 32 feet. It’s a really great feature as you won’t have to get up off your bed to turn OFF the projector, and make sure no one forgets!

In the stars night light projector, there is a automatic timer feature. You can set it anywhere between 5 to 999 minutes using this easy-to-use interface and then just sit back while your room becomes bathed in soothing starlight! The projected sky will automatically be shut off after your preset time so you don’t have to worry about wasting electricity.

There is also a 360 degrees silent rotation in this starlight projector. The slow and steady rotation provides you with an ambience star projection. It gives an aesthetic look to the walls and ceiling of the room. This ambience light helps you fall asleep faster and have a peaceful good night sleep.

The Starry Night Light Lamp is an amazing device for kids and adults. The projector shines stars all across the room, even on ceilings! It has a USB rechargeable battery with long playing time of 13-14 hours after fully charged. You can also use this starlight projector while it is charging.

There are 8 different colour options available on this night light projector. You can choose any of these colours depending upon your mood. Each color provides a different vibe and will help you to fall asleep faster! These eight colors make bedtime even more enjoyable and peaceful.

You get a full customer support after the purchase of this projector. A free refund is also offered with this starlight projector if you are not satisfied with this projector you can easily refund this projector in just a click.

Baby Soother Unicorn Projector
Baby Soother Unicorn Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

Baby Soother Unicorn Projector

Best Stuffed Toy Projector for Babies


  • Unicorn Shaped
  • 10 Relaxing Songs
  • Keeps Children Calm
  • 24/7 Customer support


Unicorn Style

Stuffed Toy


Small Projection

Baby Soother Unicorn Projector is another unicorn shaped night light projector which is also portable just like the owl projector. It is unicorn shaped but has all the features of owl projector. This projector can be set-up at any place easily. You just have to turn it ON and put it at your desired place.

Bedtime can be a nightmare for parents with new born baby’s or even toddlers. Bubzi Co offers soothing music that will lull your little one to sleep in no time! No more rocking, walking around the house.

You’ll be able to choose between a relaxing bird song, your infant’s favorite lullaby melodies that help them drift off into dreamland within minutes. Turn on the night light projector and whisper goodnight from outside of their room – it will automatically turn off after 30 mins.

This unicorn projector toy is soft and fluffy and has different light colours available. It gradually cycles through red, green and blue lights and projects a galaxy of stars. This projector is ideal for those babies who can’t sleep at night and feel difficulty in sleeping.

Unicorn star projector also comes with batteries included in the box. There is also a small screwdriver for the battery cover screws. You get all the equipment included in the box.

For relaxing effect, you get different music choices in this stuffed animal projector. You can choose between various sounds. Overall, this projector creates and ambience lighting effect that helps you to fall asleep and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Wooden Grain Star Projector
Wooden Grain Star Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

Wooden Grain Star Projector

Best Projector with Timer


  • Safe and Durable
  • Easy to Use
  • Automatic Timer
  • 360° Rotary Projection


Wooden Design

Round Structure


Difficult to use

Wooden Star Projector has a very premium design and a good quality lamp. It projects different patches of stars and galaxies either at your wall or ceiling. Wooden star projector has a bowl shape and digital screen at its lower part. Control buttons are also present at bottom side.

The star projector light can create a wonderful and expansive atmosphere for children that will help them to know the differences in colors, as well as stimulates their curiosity and imagination. Kids always enjoy falling asleep under these stars too!

There are different lighting modes in this night light projector. Mode A involves a warm white lighting for a warmer environment. The Mode B button allows the different colour modes such as green,blue, red and multi-colour. Mode C enables the 360 degree rotation. The slowly rotating projections creates a very aesthetic vibe.

There is also a timer mode in this night projector. By pressing the Mode D button, timer option is enabled. You can choose any time between 5 minutes to 999 minutes. The projector will automatically turn of after your time preset.

Now, you get a more quieter experience with the updated 360 degree motor. The light range on this projector is greater than the previous model of star light projector. This star light projector can be charged by a USB cable connected to Power Bank, Computer, Laptop or any USB power source.

Unfortunately, you don’t get any active customer support from this manufacturer. Rather they provide you with an email support if you have any queries. If you are having problems with your night projector, you can email them and they will reply you within 24 hours.

Oniee Star Projector
Oniee Star Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

Oniee Star Projector

Most Beautiful Night Light Projector for Babies


  • Lovely Mushroom Shape
  • Colorful Mode
  • 360° Rotation
  • Wireless Convenience


Mushroom Shaped

Bright and Good Projection


Low build quality

Oniee Star night light projector has a mushroom shape and it comes in 3 different colours. A smart remote controller is also included in the box of the projector to control it easily from long ranges.

The Remote controller is so convenient that the projector can be controlled from a distance of 16 feet. There is a digital LCD that displays the settings status of the projector. This projector is a best christmas gift for kids.

This projector can also serve as a night ambience light for babies. Its warm light creates a peaceful sleeping environment for babies and eliminates the fear of dark so that the baby can fall asleep faster and enjoy a better goodnight sleep.

What would be better than a 8 colour night light projector? This mushroom night light projector comes with 8 different colour modes. You can choose the best colour according to your mood. These different colours can be used to create an aesthetic environment.

With its 360 degree rotating motor, you can enjoy a moving sky galaxy view. This moving sky projection gives you a soothing and more relaxing feeling. It can help you relax and fall asleep faster.

There are 3 different power options for this projector. You can either use a power bank, AAA batteries, or a direct power adapter. We recommend using a power adapter if you want to save money on batteries. But if you want portability and use your projector at different places, then you should definitely use batteries.

Galaxy Star Light Projector
Galaxy Star Light Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

Galaxy Star Light Projector

Best Galaxy Star Light Projector for Adults & Kids


  • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker
  • Remote and Auto off Time
  • Music Starry Projector Light
  • Best Gift for Adults and Kids
  • Automatic Shutdown Timer


Best Projection Quality

Marble Texture


Sluggish Design

Galaxy Star Light Projector comes with a very unique design. It has a round lamp at the top which projects different star patterns at your room walls or ceiling. The lower side is bowl shaped and has a marble texture on it. There is also a compact and handy remote controller that comes with this star projector.

There are 4 different mono light modes which are red, green, blue and white. However, this projector can create different combinations using two or more different colours at the same time. In addition to sky effects, Galaxy Star Light Projector creates an underwater effect.

The underwater effect, improves the imagination and creativity of children. It relaxes the mind and bodies of the children so that they can sleep peacefully without any sleeping issues and worries.

A great feature in this projector is the bluetooth speaker connectivity. You can directly connect your mobile phone or any other bluetooth device to this projector and play songs. There is also a USB slot for playing songs. It is a highlighting feature of this projector as many other projectors in the market don’t provide you with this feature.

With the remote controller which comes with the projector, you will not have to get out of bed or sofa to turn the night projector off or change its settings. Also, there is an automatic timer in this projector. The projector is automatically turned OFF after 4 hours of constant running.

Kids will love this new toy with the sound-activated flicker function! They can have a fun time while listening to their favorite music, because the music is synced with the lights of this projector. The lights change with the rhythm of the music playing.


Night Light projectors are a good addition to a newborn baby’s room. These projectors create a soothing and relaxing environment in the room. The ambient lighting helps the babies to fall asleep faster. Moreover, this beautiful lighting improves the creativity of babies. They learn about different colours. Their mind is nourished by different patterns of the stars.

You can also use this projector if you are adult and wat a good environment in your room. This night light projector can be used to decorate a gaming room. It creates an aesthetic look with its ambient lighting and can also be used as a speaker to play your favourite movies. Night light projectors are also a good gift for expecting parents on baby showers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Night light Projector?

A Night light projector is a type of projector that projects patterns of stars and galaxies. It is mostly used for decoration and as a sleep soother for babies.

How Much Night Light Projectors Cost?

A Night Light projector can cost you anywhere between 15 bucks to 35 bucks and even more. We recommend buying a night light projector between 20-30 bucks because any projector lower than that has low quality.

Are Night light Projectors Portable?

Most of the night light projectors can be powered up by using batteries or a power bank. So, yes in most cases night light projectors are portable and you can carry them anywhere you want.