Best Projector Under 300

If you are looking for a projector under 300 bucks then this list should be helpful! We’ve highlighted some of our favorite picks so you don’t have to spend hours trying to find one yourself. 

Many people don’t know much about projectors and think that they are only used for business purposes. In reality, projectors have a lot of other uses and can be helpful for people doing presentations at home or even those who just want to watch movies on their wall!

Best Projector Under 300 in 2021 – Top Picks

Editor’s ChoiceYaber Y30 Home ProjectorCHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews
Best PortableViewSonic M1+ Portable ProjectorCHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews
Best Overhead ProjectorDHAWS Overhead ProjectorCHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews
Great Battery LifeVamvo Ultra Mini Portable ProjectorCHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews
Comes with ScreenFANGOR F405 Projector w. ScreenCHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews

Quick Buying Tips!

Resolution: Resolution refers to the number of pixels present on each line in a display or image. The higher the resolution the more detail there will be which can result in better quality images with improved accuracy. When it comes to video clarity, you want a projector with the right resolution.

The majority of projectors under 300 will have 720p native resolution but some can go up to 1080p so before buying anything make sure that the resolutions match your needs or if you need a 4k projector then they doesn’t come with price as low as 300. If you’re higher on budget like under 1000 bucks then you can expect a cheaper 4k projector.

Projector Size: When looking for a projector, it is important to know the size of your room. This will help narrow down which projector you should buy as some projectors are designed with large spaces in mind and others can’t handle larger rooms well.

For small sized rooms like bedrooms, we recommend buying a short throw projection screen where the user sits relatively close to the projected image while long-throw screens are best suited for bigger rooms or if there’s no other option. Short throw projectors usually have smaller resolution compared to their counterparts however they also tend to be cheaper making them ideal for those on a budget.

Lamp Life: One of the biggest problems with owning an expensive piece of equipment like a projector is the lamp. Lamp is an expensive part of the projector and it needs to be replaced every two years. This is the time when you need to have a budget and consider if it’s worth getting a new lamp or not. So, always buy a projector that has more lamp life. In this way, you will not have to replace it every 2 years.

Brightness: While buying a projector under 300, consider the brightness of its lamp as this can make a huge difference to the viewing experience of your audience. High brightness projectors are always better than those which have less lumens because high brightness is suitable for both indoors and outdoor environments.

Contrast Ratio: Contrast ratio is also an important aspect while buying a projector under 300. Consider a projector which has at least 2000:01 contrast ratio because it is an indicator of the image quality. Higher the contrast ratio is, the more detailed the image will be. Higher contrast ratio means that you will have a more detailed and brighter image even in  the darker scenes.

Best Projector Under 300 Reviews

Yaber Y30 Home Projector
Yaber Y30 Home Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

Yaber Y30 Home Projector

Editor’s Choice


Zoom Function | 1080P Native Resolution | Support 4k Video Input | Great Cooling System | Hifi Stereo Sound | 3 Years Warranty


Best Projector Under 300

Great Image Projection

Bright Picture Amazing

Stereo Sound

Quiet fan


Compromises on Build Quality

Yaber Y30 comes with a silver color design with vents all over it for ventilation. It has a magnificent lens that is designed to give you the best quality image without compromising on the quality. It has rounded corners that make it even more attractive and beautiful. There are grills on the front near the lens.

As far as the resolution is concerned, Yaber Y30 comes with a native resolution of 1080P while it can go upto 4K. So the 4K support is a really good option in this price tag as you can watch highest quality images without any quality loss. Its 4K resolution can project the best quality highly saturated UHD images directly from any 4K source. 

On this projector, you get 8000 Lumens of brightness which projects a comparatively brighter image. This brightness is ideal for both indoors and outdoors, so that you won’t get any dim image, especially while you are using your projector outdoors or when the indoor lights are ON. These 8000 Lumens are more than enough as they can do the job well for you.

Talking about the contrast ratio, you get a 10000:1 dynamic contrast ratio on a Yaber Y30 home projector which can give the high quality images with all the details. With this good contrast ratio, you can expect highly detailed images with well calibrated vivid colors. You won’t get any defect in the color quality of this projector.

This projector comes with another interesting feature. It has 4D innovative zoom technology and ±50° auto keystone correction to get the well aligned images without any blurriness. This can highly improve your viewing experience and you will not get distorted or tilted images.

Y30 home projector comes with a 3W in-built speaker that is based on the SRS sound system. It gives you a very hi0fi sound and you don’t need to connect any external speakers as this speaker alone can fulfil your audio requirements on the go. Yaber has also given an updated cooling system in this projector. You get a silent and innovative cooling system including 3 silent fans running together. 

Talking about the lamp life, you get 100,000 hours of long lasting lamp life with this projector. Yaber Y30 also has SmartEco mode to diminish the energy consumption and make your lamp last even longer.

This home video projector can go upto 200 inches of big screen size starting from the minimum screen size of 45 inches from an ideal distance of 1.5 metres to 5 metres. If you want the perfectly sized image, we recommend a projection distance of 3.5m.

As far as the connectivity is concerned, you get 2x USB ports, 2x HDMI ports, 1x VGA port, and 1x AV port on this projector to connect your desired devices to this projector. Yaber Y30 can be connected to gaming consoles, PCs, laptops, mobile devices or multimedia players etc.

Yaber offers you a 3 year professional repair warranty and technical support with this projector. You also get a 6 months money back guarantee for your projector if you face any issues with this projector or you are not satisfied.

Overall, This projector is for those people who want a 4K supported projector under budget with a lot of other great options.

ViewSonic M1+ Portable Projector
ViewSonic M1+ Portable Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

ViewSonic M1+ Portable Projector

Best Portable Projector


Portable Projector | Android 7.1 | 150 Inches Projection Screen | Brighter and Sharper View


Highly Portable

Great Stand

Android OS


Tiny Remote Can Get Lost

ViewSonic M1+ has the most portable design and comes with a stand on which it is fixed. The projector is rotatable because of the stand. On the side it has ventilation grills while on the front side, some sensors are present alongside the lens. ViewSonic M1+ has a shiny silver color with clean and compact design making it a very portable projector.

On the other side the projector has black speaker design which is designed by harman kardon and gives a very good sound quality. You can get the most out of these speakers without compromising on the sound quality. The overall sound of these speakers is very outstanding as Harman kardon is a very well known brand.

Viewsonic M1+ also has a built-in battery so that you can use it if you are on vacation or in the mountains and don’t have a power supply. Its built-in battery can go upto 6 hours so you won’t have to worry about any power issues. Just charge the battery and get straight 6 hours of streaming your favourite movies, shows or whatever you want.

This projector also has 16GB built in storage to download or store your favourite content so that if you are far away from your home and don’t have internet connectivity, you can have something to watch on the go. 

On this projector you get a smart aptoide User Interface. With this very simple UI you can download Netflix and stream your favourite movies or shows on the go. You can also download other apps as you have got 16GB of storage to download your favourite streaming apps.

ViewSonic M1+ has a very advanced LED technology that can provide you with more brighter and vivid images without compromising on the quality. It can achieve upto 30,000 hours of lamp life so you don’t have to worry about lamp replacement or maintenance. 

On this high end portable projector, you get a smart Cinema SuperColor+ technology to deliver you the best quality images with highly rich colors and good saturation. You won’t experience any issues regarding color density or details of the image.

Talking about the connectivity, you get wireless connectivity support along with USB type-C connectivity. HDMI and USB-A ports are also included. You get less input lag on this projector as type-c provides you with very fast connection.

You get a projector carrying case included within the box. Just fold the projector, put it in the carrying case and you are good to go anywhere with this portable projector. ViewSonic M1+ also comes equipped with an auto vertical keystone to automatically align your images so you won’t have to do the effort by yourself.

DHAWS Overhead Projector
DHAWS Overhead Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

DHAWS Overhead Projector

Best Overhead Projector


High Resolution (1080p) | Great Brightness (3800LM) | Great for Bedroom | 200 Inch Projector Distance | Multiple Input Options


Best Projector Under 300

Great for Offices


Not too Good Speakers

DHAWS overhead projector has a rugged design with matte black color. It has dotted texture at the front while the other sides contain vents for heat dissipation. On The back, all the essential ports are present. This projector has multimedia controls at the top, along with DHAWS branding.

This projector is ideal for business and office use, for PowerPoint presentations and graphical representation of your content. It also comes with a laser pointer within the box so that you can explain your content easily to the people. This is a very good feature as other projector manufacturers don’t do so.

DHAWS overhead projector comes with a native resolution of 1820x768p but it can go upto 1080P. It can project high quality 1080P images without causing any noise or blurred pixels in the image. DHAWS projector doesn’t have virtual zoom and you get true 1080P crystal clear resolution for streaming HD content.

As far as the brightness is concerned, DHAWS high quality projector comes with 3800 Lumens brightness which can do the job well. This brightness can outperform in all the environments, whether lights are ON or OFF. But keeping the lights OFF or dim is more recommended, as you will get an outstanding experience by doing so.

Talking about the lamp life, DHAWS overhead projector comes with a lamp that can last upto a total of 50,000 hours without causing any complications. After completing your 50,000 hours you might have to go for a replacement. This projector also has 2 aspect ratio modes as usual. The first one is 16:9 and the other is 4:9.

An in-built speaker also comes with this projector to fulfil your audio needs. This speaker has a very good quality audio that  can be heard without any disturbances. The response time is also very high and can produce an excellent quality video with no latency at all.

Speaking about the screen size and projection distance, this projector can project a large image of 200 inches starting from 44 inches. It depends on you, what screen size you want. If you have a large screen or a large flat wall, you should absolutely go for 200 inches as this can improve your viewing experience.

You should decide which projection distance meets your needs depending on what size screen you have or what kind of wall surface you want to use. With this projector you get a projection distance of 1.5 meters to 5.5 meters.

The projector has a high contrast ratio that can show you very good images and it also supports full HD videos. The color is also rich in this machine as the technology used to produce such colors are different from other projectors. It has LED lights for better light configuration with more brightness levels at your disposal.

In terms of connectivity, this device offers many ports like 2x HDMI, USB, SD card slot, AV port, and VGA port. You can connect any device that supports these ports. At the bottom, there is an adjustment stand by which you can set the keystone. You get ±15° manual keystone correction for image alignment.

Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable Projector
Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable Projector

Great Battery Life


Smallest Form Factor | Highly Portable | Colorful Display | Support 1080p Resolution | Multimedia Input


80 Inches Projection

Multi Screen Sharing

Multiple Input Options

2 Years Warranty


Not Very Bright.

Vamvo ultra mini projector has a very portable projector with a unique design. It comes with a dark grey and shiny silver color contrast which makes it very attractive. On the front there is the lens along with the lens cover. The lens cover is very shiny and looks like it is made up of chrome. On the top VAMVO branding is present with multimedia control buttons.

This projector is very small and has the dimensions of 5.7 * 3.2 * 0.9 inches. It weighs only 0.62lbs, and this ultra low weight makes it ultra portable so that you can carry it wherever you go. VAMVO ultra mini portable projector comes with a battery that has the capacity of 5200mAh and has the capability to last upto 2 hours. You can watch a 2 hour movie on this projector without any difficulties.

Vamvo mini projector has the new multi screen technology. Through this technology, you can project upto 3 screens of different devices onto a single large screen of 130 inches within a matter of seconds. This is a really great feature as it gives you ease of use.

As far as the resolution is concerned, This projector supports true 1080P resolution without any flaws. It can project out very high quality images with high details and crystal clear colors. This pocket sized projector can outperform any of the bigger projectors because of its outstanding performance.

VAMVO projector comes with DLP projection technology that provides you with an excellent quality image. It calibrates the colors the same as the cinema grade projectors. With its 1800 Lumens you can get even brighter images without any blurriness.

This projector comes equipped with a stereo system with SRS sound technology and provides you excellent quality, well balanced, and clear audio so that you won’t have to sped extra money on external speakers.

With its wireless connectivity, you can directly connect your IOS or android device to this machine and enjoy watching your favorite show without any hassle. For IOS, it supports direct connectivity, while for android devices, you will have to install the EZCast APP in your smartphones.

Talking about the screen size. Vavmo ultra mini portable projector has the capability to project images ranging from 20 inches to 130 inches, from an ideal projection distance of 1.6 feet to 10 feet. Aspect ratio on this projector is 16:10 that makes the image size perfect for your viewing.

FANGOR F405 Projector w. Screen
FANGOR F405 Projector w. Screen (Image credit: Amazon)

FANGOR F405 Projector w. Screen

Comes with Screen


Comes with 120″ Screen | 1080P Native Full HD Projector | Bluetooth Connectivity | 3 Years of Technical Support


Comes with Screen

Wireless Connectivity

3W Dual Speakers

Remains Quiet


Not Recommended for Offices

Fangor F405 is the only projector in our list that comes with a screen included with it. So, it is best for the people who want a projector with great features along with a projector screen within 300 bucks. F405 home projector also has a very unique design with grey and white color combination. On the front there are speaker grills along with the lens.

Top part of the projection has a leather like texture with multimedia controls. Sides of the projector have air vents and ports area for connectivity. The overall design of this projector is very outstanding and it has a very attractive look.

The lens is a very important part of the projectors and it has an LED light. The quality of this projector is really good with great color saturation. Apart from being lightweight, Fangor F405 home projector also offers a lot more features like USB power supply option for laptops, auto-keystone correction to ensure that image on screen remains in perfect shape irrespective of where you place the projector and much more such amazing things.

The lens in this Fangor F405 home projector is made from high-quality glass to ensure that images appear sharper than ever before. The quality of the image projected by the lens has been greatly improved with advanced technologies like DLP technology to produce brighter and more vibrant colors as well as HD clarity which makes watching movies on the big screen an absolute joy.

As you can see, the Fangor F405 is a great projector for watching movies at home with your family and friends. Another important feature of this product that needs to be mentioned here is its light output power (LOP). This LOP which has been increased by up to 40% over previous models ensures bright images even in rooms without enough lighting. 

The 3W dual stereo speakers of this video projector offer a high sound quality that enables you to have an excellent listening experience. The innovative cooling system ensures the safety limit of temperature while noise-canceling technology eliminates background noise, so your viewing enjoyment is at its finest!

A portable home cinema projector that is compatible with a multitude of connections. This device can be used for everything from watching football to sharing photos and playing video games, making it great both indoors or out! Use TV boxes like Fire TV sticks to stream videos straight on the projection screen without any cables needed!

Fangor offers you 3 years of professional technical support so that if you are having any issues with your projector, you can directly contact FANGOR and they will assist you in solving your problems. You also get a 30 days no questions asked return and refund warranty.


We know it can be tough to find the perfect projector for your needs. That’s why we compiled this list of 5 projectors under 300 that will meet all of your expectations and more. Choose from a variety of different features, including brightness, resolution, contrast ratio and screen size so you are sure to get the best possible product at an amazing price. If you still have questions or want help finding the right one for you just leave a comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Projector Under 300 be Used Outdoor?

A projector under 300 can be used outdoors if it has good brightness. Brightness is important for outdoor use because the sun’s bright light will interfere with your projection, and there are more ambient lights outside than inside of a room which could make viewing difficult or uncomfortable in some circumstances.

Can These Projectors Replace my TV?

Take a look at your TV. It’s probably small and the picture quality is mediocre, right? Wouldn’t you rather have something that can fill up an entire wall instead of just one measly screen for watching movies or playing video games? A projector will do all of this and more!

What Is the Best Resolution for a Projector?

The resolution for a projector is up to you, but the higher it is, the more expensive and complicated it will be. A lot of people are confused about what they need in order to set their home theater system up properly. It’s not as easy to get a FULL HD projector under 300, but you can get quite a good picture with the projector listed above.

Does the Wifi Projector Have Any Delay?

Wifi projectors do have an inherent delay that can make them less than ideal for gaming purposes. Though watching movie, presentation capabilities will likely remain unaffected by this flaw unless paired up with another equally slow application such as PowerPoint slideshows (which also inherently suffer from delays).