Best Paint For Projector Screen

A best projector screens is a key component to any home theater system. A projector screen determines the image quality of your projector. Now, many people use paint for projector screen. These paints come at affordable prices while offering best protection to your screen.

For expensive projectors under 1000, you should definitely get a high quality flagship screen but if you have a low budget projector such as a projector under 200, then you can use a paint for projector screen.

Now the comparison of Projector Paint VS Screen arises. As mentioned above, you can should buy a high quality screen if you are using costly projectors or 4K Projectors. For a bedroom projector, consider using paint for projector screen as bedrooms are not so spacious and don’t have enough space for a big screen.

So, if you are thinking of purchasing a paint for projector screen, we have shortlisted some best projector paints that provide you with the best image quality.

Best Paint For Projector Screen in 2021 – Top Picks

Best ResolutionPaint On ScreenCHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews
High BrightnessHigh Definition 4K Ultra WhiteCHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews
Best Viewing AngleUltra HD Premium Screen PaintCHECK PRICE Read Customer Reviews

Quick Buying Tips!

While you make your purchase of paint for projector screen, there are some important factors that you should look upon. A brief guide on these factors is given below:

Resolution Support: Resolution support is an important factor in a projector screen paint. If you buy a projector screen paint that doesn’t support high resolutions like 1080P and 4K then it is of no use. So, if you projector is 4k supported, make sure to get the screen paint which is also 4K supported. You paint should also be able to work in ambient lighting environments.

Paint Type: Generally there are two main paint types:

One of the types is acrylic paints. Acrylic paints are resistant to high and low temperatures, as well as moisture. They are also suitable for both indoors and outdoor environments. Most of the premium and high quality paints used for projector screens are acrylic paints. Acrylic paints last longer and provide a good image quality and highly bright images.

Second type is latex paints. These paints are actually acrylic but a subcategory of acrylic paints. Latex paints have more vinyl added to them which reduces their resistance and durability. These paints are much cheaper than actual acrylic paints.

The lifespan of best paint for projector screen is usually between five and seven years. This makes them pretty well suited to serve as walls or ceilings. They are easy to apply with a roller as they have good adhesion properties.

Water Base Paints: Water-based paints are the most popular type of paint on the market. They have all ingredients mixed in water to create a smooth, fluid consistency that is easily applied with a brush or roller for an even finish and good coverage. The other option you may see from time to time is oil based but it has its disadvantages.

All of the paints that we chose are water based and have many advantages. For example, water based paints are easy to maintain and last longer than oil based paints which are difficult to apply and maintain.

Gain: While buying a paint for projector screen, gain should also be considered. Usually gain is the measure of light reflection from a screen. The lower it is, the more better image quality you will get. In general, you should buy a paint for projector screen that has an average gain of 1.0. It is a neutral gain and it means that you will get the same brightness image as it is originally.

Ease of Application: For a lot of people, one of the priorities is how easy it is to apply paint-on screens. It’s usually pretty straightforward and you don’t need any technical skills for that. But there are some things worth knowing before applying your paint for projector screen

First of All, the surface on which the paint is to be applied must be smooth. It is important to use the right tools when applying paint-on screens. A roller will work best for a good finish but if you want to avoid strokes and get crisp lines, then avoid using a brush or sprayer for applying the paint.

Most of the projector paint companies offer paid assistance. A professional painter will come to your house, office or desired place and apply the paint for projector screen in your desired size. But, if you want to save money than you should Do It yourself. Many people enjoy doing DIY projects ad they are fun and help increase your creativity.

Best Paint For Projector Screen Reviews

Paint On Screen
Paint On Screen (Image credit: Amazon)

Paint On Screen

Best Resolution Projector Screen Paint


Support 4K Resolution | 240-inches Screen | Easy to Install



Just apply 2 times & it’s ready to use.



This Paint On Screen, silver paint with 5 shade has a low grain and comes in a very good packaging. As mentioned above, lower is the grain the better the image will be. So, this silver paint for projector screen is ideal for gaming, entertainment and business purposes.

This paint can support upto 4K resolution. Silver Paint On Screen, provides very good quality images if you are using a 4K projector. You can enjoy high quality Ultra HD images without any quality loss and image distortion.

Paint On Screen, is a water based paint, that is very easy to use and doesn’t leave any hot spots. You can easily apply this paint on any smooth wall. Before applying make sure that the surface is smooth. Then coat the desired surface wit an even coat using a roller.

You can paint a large 240 inches of screen with this high quality paint for projector screen. Imagine watching movies or doing business presentations on such big screen without any quality loss. Silver paint on screen is a very high quality projector screen paint that is affordable and a cheap alternative of an expensive projector screen.

This paint for projector has a neutral colour shift which well manages the colours and provides a vivid image with most accurate colours. The paint-on projection screen eliminates the problem of aspect ratio formatting and masking. Traditional screens have a noticeably defined edge, which causes problems when there is any change in format that’s obvious to viewers such as yourself.

When the screen is too large for your theater, a projection paint can solve this problem. Paint walls to create an illusion and watch movies in any size you want without image bleed or aspect changes.

Paint On Screen is a revolutionary new innovation in screen painting. The product can be applied just like any other paint. You can create your own smooth and defects free projection screen with this paint. This paint provides you a ready to use screen in just 24 hours.

Overall, the 1.5 grain of this paint for projector screen, provides a good reflecting surface that can show you high quality images with accurate colors.

High Definition 4K Ultra White
High Definition 4K Ultra White (Image credit: Amazon)

High Definition 4K Ultra White

Best High Brightness Projector Screen Paint


Suitable for Outdoors | Low VOC | Water-based



Support 4k & HD resolutions

Great for Outdoors


Needs a special roller

High Definition 4K Ultra white paint is another high quality paint to be used as a paint for projector screens. Unlike other paints, it comes in a tin packaging with some details printed on the box.

A highlighting feature of this projector paint is that it doesn’t has a foul smell like the paint discussed above. It has no stinky smell. This paint is also silver coloured and a smooth coat of this paint provides you with a very high quality projector screen.

Unlike the previous paint for projector screen, High definition screen paint is also 4k supported. It can show you crisp clear 4k or 1080P images without any blurry texts and images. So, you can buy this paint for professional business meetings.

This paint for projector is 50% brighter than other screens. It provides you with clear and bright images. With this projector paint, the white parts of your image appear brighter. The contrast ratio is also well managed in this paint for projector screen.

4K projector paint also has low VOCs and it is also a water based paint. As you know water based paints are very easy to apply, so you can easily apply this paint with a roller. Make sure to apply 2 coats of this paint for best quality screen.

Make sure to use a roller while applying this paint. If you use the brush for applying, then you will leave brush marks and the edges of the screen will not be smooth. So, for smooth edges and smooth surface, use a roller.

This 4k projector has a high grain but it is not too much high. The brightness and image’s color depth is well managed. No rainbow or distortion effect was found in the screen painted by this projector screen paint.

Overall, this paint for projector screen is best for use in schools, bedrooms, churches and presentation halls. But you can’t use these paints for IMAX Projectors as they are very flagship level projectors and require professional handling and screens.

Ultra HD Premium Screen Paint
Ultra HD Premium Screen Paint (Image credit: Amazon)

Ultra HD Premium Screen Paint

Perfect Viewing Angle Paint


WaterResistant | Support HD Resolutions | Safe & Easy to Apply


Water Proof

Support High Resolutions

Highly Durable


Blacks looks dull

Unlike other paints for projector screens, this Ultra HD Premium Screen Paint is a high quality premium paint that also comes in a premium packaging. On the box important details are printed at the front side.

Ultra HD projector screen paint has a capability to make the image 50% brighter than a normal screen painted with white colour. So, you don’t need to worry about the brightness of the projected image. You can also create yourself an outdoor DIY screen with this projector paint.

This projector paint features an anti glare feature that inhibits the image from any hot spots and any rain bow distorting effects. So, you don’t have to worry about the glitch effects you get on regular projector screens.

Ultra HD paint has a premium resolution support just as its name! It can support upto 4K images with no blurry pixels. So, you get a crisp clear image quality with this projector paint when it is used as a projector screen.

Also, this paint is an acrylic latex paint which has a little less quality then the above mentioned paints but it can also be applied easily to any smooth surface as it is also a water based paint. As you know, water based paints can be easily applied with any domestic paint roller.

Overall, Premium paint for projector screen is suitable for use in dry places where temperature is also moderate. However, you can use it at different places such as homes, schools and business meeting halls.


It is important to choose the best paint for projector screen and not just any old commercial grade. This will ensure that your projectors are capable of displaying an image without being distorted or blurred when projected on a surface with this type of material applied. Choose the right screen and you will be able to enjoy your image for a long time.

This article has shown you the best paint for your projector screen. If you are looking to build a custom-made projection screen, check out our buying guide so that you can find the right solution for your needs in no time!

We’ve reviewed the top 3 paints or projector screen available in the market. Also we’ll be updating this list as soon as a new paint surface for projector screen comes out. So stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between Paint On Screen and normal paints?

Yes, Paint On Screen is specially designed to provide an excellent viewing experience for your home theater system. It has a gain of 2.0 which makes it suitable for both front and rear projection systems. The “neutral” color tone allows you to see your images clearly, without the distracting color shifts that occur when ambient light enters a projection screen.